A Preview of Valentine’s Day 2021 Promotions

February 11, 2021
A Preview of Valentine’s Day 2021 Promotions Download PDF
Valentine's Day Special Offers Analysis

We collected and analyzed over 3.5 million ads from 19K retailers on 12K keywords from the past couple of weeks leading into Valentine’s Day. Below we present our findings on which retailers had the most number of ads with valentine’s day special offers and what special offers were the most popular in each region during this time of shopping for Valentine’s Day.

As expected, this Valentine’s Day holiday is going to be a bit different than previous years, just like all other celebrations and holidays over the past year. According to the National Retail Federation, the average Valentine’s Day spending in 2021 per person is expected to be $164, which is 16% lower than the $196 from 2020. They also expect the percentage of people celebrating Valentine’s Day to be lower than in 2020.

Almost 45% of the ads containing Valentine’s Day promotions were in the top 10 positions in the Google Shopping ad auction.

With the country still under restrictions due to the pandemic, more people are likely to shop online for their Valentine’s Day presents. Using our Search Intelligence solution, we collected and analyzed the ads data on Google Shopping to see how Valentine’s Day special offers/promotions were trending in recent weeks.


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the graph below shows that there has been an increase in the number of ads with special offers over the past week. We will most likely see this trend continue to trend up until the 14th of February.

Ads with Special Offers Over Time

Our Ad Intelligence collected the ads data from 4 different regions – Virginia, Ohio, California, and Oregon. We found the Virginia region to have the highest number of Valentine’s Day special offers and the Oregon region to have the least.

Now that we know which regions had more ads with special promotions and which ones had fewer, we wanted to find out exactly what kind of promotions were popular in each of the 4 regions. Analyzing the data, we found the special offer ‘15% Off Valentines Day Promo’ was the most popular promotion in the Ohio and California regions used by over 20% of the advertisers. The most popular promotion used by 20% of the advertisers in the Virginia regions was ‘Valentine’s Day Outfits – 10% Off Everything’. And the most popular choice among advertisers in the Oregon region was ‘Valentine’s Day Buy 2 Get 14% Off’. The regional breakdown of the top 10 special offers/promotions is shown in the table below.

Special Offers / Promotions in Various US regions

Top Advertisers

Next, we examined which advertisers had the most special offers and promotions directly related to Valentine’s day. The top 5 advertisers that had the greatest number of ads with special offers related to Valentine’s Day were Bellzi.com, Only One Jewelry, JJsHouse, Purple, and Get Name Necklace. The graph below displays a regional breakdown of the top 5 advertisers. It shows which of these advertisers are most popular in different regions. JJsHouse, Purple, and Only One Jewelry are most popular in the Virginia region, Bellzi.com in the California region, and Getnamenecklace in the Ohio region.

Top Advertisers with the most Valentine’s Day Special Offers

Valentine’s Day Promotions by Ad Rank

Looking into the ad positions of ads containing Valentine’s Day promotions showed that almost 45% of the ads were in the top 10 positions in the Google Shopping ad auction. The graph below shows the regional analysis of the impact of special offers on ad position. In all 4 regions, the graph below shows a decreasing percentage of ads with special offers. This means that ads with Valentine’s Day special offers are more likely to be ranked higher.

Regional Valentine's Day Promotions Analysis

In Conclusion

Valentine’s Day may be a symbol of love and appreciation, however, for retailers, this is another event with great potential for sales, especially with the current online retail trends. We clearly saw that having Valentine’s Day special offers help in terms of ads showing up higher in the ad auction, therefore, as an online retailer, it may be worth it to include special offers on your ads to increase visibility and impressions for your ads. We hope this data on Valentine’s Day Special Offers helps you gain a competitive edge. Follow our Marketing Intelligence blog for more trends and insights on future events!

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