Every Cent Counts for Noble Causes

June 2020

Beyond being a leader in the technology space, GrowByData is also a pioneer in the realm of corporate philanthropical initiatives. Since its inception, GrowByData has been supporting the community and the non-profit sector.

Image 1 - Every Cent Counts for Noble Causes


The GrowByData team in collaboration with the Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN) – a non-profit Humanitarian and Development Organization, participated in a volunteering campaign during this pandemic created by COVID -19. Members of the GrowByData team took up a fund collection drive to help the ones in need.

Image 2 - Every Cent Counts for Noble Causes


The representative from GrowByData handed over the donation fund to VCN on June 15, 2020. Funds from the GrowByData team members were utilized to purchase packaged snacks and mineral water bottles to over 300 migrants coming into Dhandagi from the border areas of India.

VCN is responding to the effects of COVID-19 through various channels before and during the lockdown in Nepal.

Image 3 - Every Cent Counts for Noble Causes


Currently, it is actively engaged in providing food, water, and medical package people in the border area.