About Schuler Shoes

Schuler Shoes, founded in 1889, is the leading destination for men, women, and kids looking for comfortable shoes and top brands. They have 240 employees and operate 10 retail locations in addition to their online presence.


To grow holiday sales, Schuler Shoes wanted to give customers better product information, improve Google rankings, and enhance their marketplace presence. A critical part of their strategy was to enhance product data by adding detailed information, like dimensions and technical specifications. In just five months GrowByData enabled Schuler Shoes to do what otherwise would have taken them several years:

  • Add product details to 100% of their catalog (16,980 SKUs)
  • Utilize automation techniques to dynamically enhance new items quickly
  • Dramatically improve customer experience Upon completion, 58,180 attributes were added.

Case Study – Schuler Shoes

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