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Founded initially as “Wizard Press,” the publisher of a monthly magazine named Wizard, Wizard World purchased the Chicago Comicon in the mid 1990’s to expand into the convention arena. By 2005, their events drew over 70,000 attendees, and they now host more than 20 conventions across North America.
Wizard World is one of the premier Comic Convention organizers in North America. They offer tickets for special events, experience packages, and interactive opportunities with special guests. As part of their strategy to breathe new life into their brand and offer a better website experience, they decided to redesign their website and move it to Magento.
WizardWorld knew they would be in good hands with EYStudios, a leader in transforming smaller businesses into MAJOR brands. Their biggest challenge was moving 15 years’ worth of complex, poorly formatted data in time for their site launch. They thought moving this data would take a full year. In just five weeks, GrowByData was able to move 100% of Wizard World’s “messy” data by working in close collaboration with EYStudios:

  • 9,599 pages, 100% of their catalog, were migrated cleanly
  • 900 duplicates were eliminated
  • Data was restructured to make selling and updates easier

All of this was accomplished with 100% accuracy, just in time for a major event.
Case Study – Wizard World Data Migration

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