Product Identifiers for Higher Conversion and Search Rankings.

By Prasanna Dhungel

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Why Are Product Identifiers Essential for higher SEO and Conversion. GrowByData
How Product Identifiers are essential for Higher Conversion and Search Engine Rankings?

Product Content is king in the online retail niche. Resellers that have product data with rich content, detailed data, product pictures, videos, reviews, and FAQ benefits have high chances of ranking in search engines. Purchase decisions start in search and products that have rich data benefit from higher SEO and conversion. Customers that use long-tail searches know what products are they searching for, so rich data is key for higher conversions. For example, you are looking to buy a size 10, Blue Nike Air Jordan shoe that is waterproof, if your product data has these attributes in the right distinct fields, there is a high chance of this appearing in a customer’s search.

Our end goal is to give our customers the “Gold Standard in Product Data”.

While the benefits of this are obvious, manufacturers may not provide rich product data. Retailers must find product identifiers on their own and place them on their eCommerce stores, marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Houzz, Jet and Ad Channels like Google and Bing. Some won’t allow you to sell or advertise if you don’t include identifiers – Google Marketplace requires GTIN while Amazon requires ASIN.  Retailers that are on top of this have high product acceptance in these channels. Google writes in-depth on the importance of identifiers.

We hear from retailers and manufacturers who lack product identifiers –

  • Unique Attributes: GTIN or ASIN
  • SKU specific Attributes: Color, Size, Case Pack, Brand, Materials, etc.

We find the product’s unique attributes and SKU specific attributes for our customers to increase their SEO, conversion, and acceptance by channels. We verify that product attributes are compatible across data types – eg. product color on the image is the same as the color mentioned in the text.  We review the manufacturer’s data and prepare product attributes. Our end goal is to give our customers the “Gold Standard in Product Data”.

Just like product identifiers are important for search engine ranking purposes and increase of sale, manufacturers, and brands must also look upon competitor price intelligence, to stay ahead in the market from the competitors.

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