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Ongoing keywords analysis is important to consistently gain ad visibility in the very competitive Google ads landscape. To optimize campaigns, Ad specialists must continuously analyze data to identify negative and opportunity keywords.

Opportunity keywords have less competition, but good search volume.

GrowByData Ad intelligence gives insights that are otherwise hidden and provides specialists with unique data to better analyze keywords for better Impression, Click Through Rate(CTR) & Average Cost of Sales(ACOS).

The ad intelligence can reveal answers to the following crucial questions, which is otherwise hidden to an ad specialist:

  • The availability or unavailability of ads for keywords
  • The competitor’s ad content
  • The competitor’s price for similar products
  • The number of times the advertisement appears
  • The current ads position and its position change over time
  • The ins and outs of competitive sellers in PLA

In this article, we discuss how ads availability/unavailability information can be utilized to find opportunity keyword for google ad campaigns.

Case Study: Finding Opportunity Keywords with Google Shopping PLA Data

A smart and efficient way to find opportunity keywords with Ad intelligence is highlighted in the following PLA Ads case study.

Using our Competitive Ad Intelligence platform, we collected ads on 205 keywords based on a client’s products. For the keyword analysis, we reviewed the December 2019 statistics using Google Keyword Planner. We found that more than half of the keywords (58%) had no search engine result page (SERP) competition with a 1,180 maximum monthly search volume. About 42% of keywords were competitive and almost all (98%) of them were highly competitive, acquiring 99.7% of the search volume.

Ad Intelligence is a simple yet powerful way to find opportunity keywords for better Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Table 1: Google Ad Data Analysis

Competitiveness Keyword Count Monthly Max Search Volume Low Range Bid High Range Bid
No Competition 119 1,180
High 85 807,700 26 141
Low 1 1,000 1 9
Medium 1 100


Figure 1

Ratio of PLA Available or not

An entire week’s Google Shopping PLA data was collected for each keyword. Approximately 74% of keywords were not available on Google PLA ads.

Figure 2: Competitiveness Rate

Competitiveness Rate of Product Listing Ads

In the Google PLA Not Available data, 82% of highly competitive keywords (77 keywords) had no ads listed. These are opportunity keywords for Advertisers. Some actions Ad specialists can take from this insight are:

  • Enrich Google Merchant Feed targeting these keywords
  • Include these keywords in manual Ads Campaign
  • Correlate with Organic Search Data to optimize corresponding web pages.


In sum, Google ad intelligence data can be utilized to understand opportunities to maximize Ad impact. Leading advertisers seeking to maximize RoAS utilize this data to gain an edge.

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