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Leaders at large B2C brands drive marketing strategy, brand protection and online market share growth with data-driven, leading-edge marketing intelligence and strategic insights.

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win new business

Add Tens of Millions in New Business

Build strategy in light of changes to shopper journey, platforms and competitive weakness.

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Boost Marketing Performance

Increase Share of Voice, Clicks and ROAS based on competitive opportunities across the digital shelf by location and business line.

track non-compliance

Defend Your Brand

Clamp down on affiliate, trademark, brand term, MAP, and channel violators to control CPC spikes, fraud and bad shopper experience.


How To Talk To Your AI-Integrated Search Engine. Our Managing Partner, Prasanna Dhungel, was interviewed by Forrester’s Senior Analyst, Nikhil Lai, for the Dec 23 AI report.
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Leading brands enhance strategy with us









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We have been incredibly appreciative of your work. The information, especially around affiliates and competitors have been invaluable.

Director of Paid Search - iProspect

GrowByData is an essential partner when it comes to understanding the competitive "digital shelf" that consumers see across Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Etsy & many more platforms. Not only are the tools built to highlight opportunities, but their team is very supportive in thinking through business challenges they can partner to solve.

Ryan Gibson, VP of Strategy

I have loved working with GrowByData to keep a pulse on the ever-changing SERP landscape! Composition is constantly changing, and we are excited to see what great things our partnership leads to!

SEO Associate Director - Leading Agency

Our clients have leveraged GBD's tools to find landscape insights that Google would never provide. From identifying brand competition and SERP squatting to ensuring non-brand ad formats are stacking up against competition, GBD offers us a holistic picture of SERP.

Charlie, SEM Manager - Leading Agency

When brands ask for market trends and competitive insights for specific keywords  – GrowByData provides all competitors' impression share that Google Auction Insights doesn’t.

Director of Performance Media - Leading Agency

Exactly what we needed to answer questions on a key competitor. Really rich insights!

Head of Paid Search - Custom Apparel Brand

Thanks to GBD, we saw competitors merchandising their products as bundles. From this, we hired a specialist to improve our product mix and boost conversion.

Head of Marketing - Leading Musical Instrument Retailer

GBD does an amazing job leading us to different paths to drive better client results.

SVP – Top Digital Marketing Agency

Our Value To Agency & Brand Managers

Craft Compelling Strategy

  • Focus your time on strategy by using custom analysis already prepared for you.
  • Answer advanced questions from your stakeholders to grow market share with the economy and competitors constantly challenging you.

$10 Million+

New Revenue Added

Grow Market Share

  • Spot competitive gaps by geography, category, product and channel
  • Get white-labeled ready-to-use sales slides and dashboards

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Improve Search Marketing ROI

  • Create compelling ads by tracking competitor’s ad copies and promotions
  • Improve product, price, promotions, bundles, reviews and shipping
  • Dominate above-the-fold SERP visibility

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Revenue growth with
12% higher CTR


Increase in Amazon
Best Seller Ranking

Sell More In Retail Media Networks

  • Maximize performance on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS and others
  • Understand competition on organic search, ads and product experience
  • Capitalize on opportunities across the shopper journey

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Maximize Return On Ads

  • Gain competitive edge with attractive ads, pricing and product experience
  • Benchmark every shopper touchpoint
  • Maximize ROAS by optimizing weak market bearings
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Customer Success Stories

National Home Furniture & Decor Retailer increased revenue 19% worth millions of dollars.

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Global Health & Beauty brand increased clicks 20% with 33% less Ad Spend

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Top Auto Parts and Accessories Retailer increased revenue 20% worth tens of millions of dollars

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Got 16% Lower CPC & 30% Higher Conversion using Competitive Price Intelligence on Google PLA

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Emerging Outdoor Goods retailer achieved 26% revenue growth worth hundreds of thousands using Competitive Insights

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Understand Benefits

1000s of Hours

Saved with custom
insights and slides

Save Time

  • Save the rush before client calls with our professional services
  • See competition by category, subcategory, geography, seasons etc.
  • Get ready to share custom dashboard and slides

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Save Budget

  • Reduce ad cannibalization by minimizing overlap with B2B wholesalers
  • Move ad dollars from keywords you have organic visibility to those you don’t
  • Smartly adjust CPC during promotions by staying aware of competition

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$ Million +

33% less Ad Spend for 20%
more clicks

1000s Detected

MAP Violations reduced by 26%

Police Channel Violators

  • See your branded keywords getting hijacked and affiliates outranking you
  • Identify URLs that are impersonating as your brand’s own links
  • Track MAP Pricing violations

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new-business marketing intelligence

Get Ideas To Build New Products

A Global Shoe Brand monitors competitors’ new products across countries and channels to get ideas”

Quickly Unlock Your Competitive Advantage

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SERP Trends

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GrowByData offers a digital marketing intelligence platform to boost marketing performance for strategists at agencies and brands. Our insights across Search, Marketplaces and Product offer actionable marketing intelligence to maximize on the shopper journey.

GrowByData serves the world’s biggest digital marketing agencies and their clients. We are today enabling large advertising agencies to win new fees and boost performance with our actionable insights unavailable from Google, Amazon and incumbent tools.

GrowByData’s Marketing Intelligence solution provides four values to agencies and brands –

  • Win new business by understanding market opportunities
  • Proactively manage factors impacting your current marketing performance
  • Protect Brand from MAP, affiliate & brand term violations
  • Act on conversion insights to maximize sales

GrowByData offers an all-in-one marketing software to agencies, brands, and retailers. Below are the solutions and data provided by GrowByData. We offer these solutions as both software-as-a-service (SaaS) and data-as-a-service (DaaS):

1. Search Intelligence
2. Marketplace Intelligence
3. Product Experience Intelligence
4. Competitive Intelligence
5. Brand Protection
6. Pricing Intelligence
7. Channel Intelligence

Marketing intelligence, collected and analyzed through online marketing intelligence software, provides insight into the effectiveness of your eCommerce brand’s marketing across the shopper’s journey. It enables unified visibility across search intelligence, product intelligence, competitive intelligence, pricing intelligence, and marketplace or cross-channel intelligence. Marketing intelligence provides insight into all aspects of the shopper’s journey, ranging from share of voice for your brand to digital shelf optimization. It also enables a deeper view into shopper attributes throughout the shopper’s journey, giving brands and agencies insight into buying behavior across the digital shelf.

GrowByData’s online marketing intelligence solution gives unified insights across the shopper’s journey to optimize your brand visibility, click-ability, and buy-ability to maximize total eCommerce performance across Search Engines and Marketplaces.

Total eCommerce performance is the competitive measure of visibility, click-ability, and buy-ability of your brand, across the channels like search and marketplaces. Typically, eCommerce managers and advertisers analyze total performance factors in silos and only rely on performance data from respective search and marketplace platforms.

Visibility: A measure of the Share of Voice on the platforms. It allows you to analyze your presence and your competitors based on geo-visibility, seasonal-visibility, keyword visibility, intent-based visibility, etc.

Click-ability: The measure of the usage of factors that influence the shopper to click on the product. Factors like the optimization of your title, image, product attributes, landing page, annotations, extensions, labels, special offers, promotions, discounts, etc.

Buy-ability: The measure of the product shopping experience. It is a quantitative measure of the features that will help you win the purchase once the shopper has clicked on the product.

The shopper journey, or the “messy middle”, as Google describes it, moves through various channels in course of a complex e-commerce journey. GrowByData’s marketing intelligence provides four key visibilities to analyze total performance factors:

  • Cross-channel visibilities across the shoppers journey
  • Help understand your brand vs. your competitors’ visibilities
  • Provides a comprehensive measure of click-ability
  • Insights into competitive buy-ability factors

Agencies and brands have limited insight, based on search intelligence from a small set of tools, the data that publishers like Google provides, or sometimes incomplete first-party data from the client. This limited visibility is competing, not assisting, with a consumer on a shopper journey that within minutes can search for the best products and the best deals across multiple marketplaces, and make buying decisions based on reviews, ratings, video, competing Ads, and special offers. Agencies and brands not only do not have a holistic view of the shopper’s journey to optimize the digital shelf, but they lack a single source of truth, and they are limited by what the publishers make available.

Marketing intelligence empowers agencies and brands with 360-degree insights to drive eCommerce performance, providing them the necessary granularity and deeper visibility required to optimize the digital shelf across the shopper journey. That’s why we believe online marketing intelligence software provides the three forms of marketing intelligence and insights that agencies and brands need to gain a competitive advantage:

  • Unified Search, Product, Competitive, Pricing, and Marketplace Intelligence
  • Enriched shopper attributes across Search, Product, Competitive, Pricing, and Marketplace Intelligence
  • Custom insights specific to your brand across each of the forms of marketing intelligence

Delivering all three at the necessary granularity, or through flexible visualizations, gives agencies the insights they need to give their brands to a new level of eCommerce performance. One that is much more aligned to the shopper journey and how brands, retailers, and sellers expect to create an experience on the digital shelf.

GrowByData provides online marketing intelligence software that gives agencies, brands, and retailers unified visibility into the shopper journey to optimize the digital shelf. To dramatically improve your eCommerce performance, GrowByData not only provides data that is available nowhere else, but also for an unlimited number of brands, marketplaces, and direct-to-consumer sellers across every way that shoppers search, buy, and have their needs fulfilled. Our online marketing intelligence software enriches and unifies this data across Search, Product, Competitor, Pricing, and Marketplace dimensions to transform it into eCommerce marketing intelligence that provides complete and customized visibility for each of our clients. GrowByData includes software-as-a-service (SaaS) and data-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions.