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Brand Protection from MAP Violators

Brand Protection from MAP Violators

MAP Policy violations can tremendously impact on your brand value and relationship with your loyal authorized resellers. With Cross Channel intraday MAP monitoring software, you can track and enforce violations across the channels.

GrowByData’s Brand Protection Software helps you discover retailers selling your products at an SKU level across channels and monitor their advertised prices multiple times a day. Monitor MAP violations by resellers in the United States and Canada from a zip code, metropolitan, and country level.

Ensure Affiliate Compliance & Track Trademark Violations

  • Track unauthorized keyword bidding by your affiliates
  • Identify infringing competitors, dealers, partners, & affiliates
  • Stop trademark violations and affiliate non-compliances
  • Monitor Rank Violations by partners and affiliates
  • Stop unauthorized affiliates from stealing your clicks
  • Identify Violations in Ad Copies

Track Unauthorized Resellers & Channels

Find unauthorized resellers and channels selling your product online. GrowByData online Brand Protection software can scan all the authorized and unauthorized channels across all National and International geographies to find unauthorized selling of your products impacting your brand value.

We will flag resellers with negative reviews and uncover whether flawed products or poor customer services are degrading the brand image amongst your customers. Alongside, we detect MAP pricing violations across different time zones, regions, search engines, and marketplaces.

Powerful Reports and Alerts with Evidence

Get powerful reports and alerts with evidence to take appropriate enforcement actions on all kinds of violations impacting your brand value and revenue.

Monitor & Audit the impacts of your Brand Protection Investments over time.


Non-stop protection for your brand

Protect your Reputation & ROI with GrowByData’s Complete Brand Protection Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Brand Protection Software allows brands to protect activities degrading their brand value and revenue churn by non-compliant activities of unauthorized and authorized resellers, competitors, partners, dealers, and affiliates.

Your Competitors, Dealers, and Affiliates can be advertising with your branded keywords. Such non-compliant activities are called branded keyword violations. You need to monitor such activity across the channels and take appropriate measures to control such unauthorized activity.

Some affiliates might be using your brand name and website in their ad display and linking those ads with affiliate URLs to get clicks and earn commission from you. These days such non-complaint activities by affiliates are stealing significant revenue from brands.