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Powerful Price Intelligence Software – Everything You Need to Gain an Edge

As a retailer and brand, comprehensive visibility into your online market competition is crucial to maximizing your eCommerce revenue. You want to build effective pricing strategies and timely optimize your price to gain an edge over your competitors and win the purchase of the digital shopper.

GrowByData’s Price Intelligence software discovers your competitors online and regularly monitors their retail pricing, product availability, shipping information, promotional offers, reviews, and ratings to enable you to make smart informed decisions.

GrowByData’s Pricing data unified with holistic marketing data gives you unprecedented visibility and data points to build effective pricing strategies for confident dynamic pricing optimization. We give you unique insights and comprehensive data points to optimize your pricing strategies across the shopper journey.

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Discovering your product competitors matched at a SKU level is crucial for implementing effective competitive pricing strategies. Our competitor discovery and monitoring solutions utilize a blend of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Human Intelligence to ensure that you get the most accurate retail pricing data of your competitors.

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Monitor price competition intraday, daily, or weekly from local zip code levels to cities and regional locations of the United States, Canada, and other countries per your need, across platforms like Google Shopping, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more. This metro-level pricing intelligence offers you the power to effectively price zonally.

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Monitor competitor prices for your entire product assortment or limit your focus by identifying your most competitive products, categories, competitors, channels, locations, and times. Implement pricing strategies based on these product groupings and schedules. As an enterprise brand, you can price compare to other enterprise brands and emerging challengers.

Competitor Intelligence

Get visibility into your product’s competitive landscape. Discover and monitor your competitors based on product overlaps, their pricing aggressiveness, and competitive assortments with pricing intelligence software.

Analyze your top competitors’ retail prices, shipping costs, promotions, reviews, and ratings across all channels with powerful competitor pricing  reports like the top competitors monitoring report, competitive assortment, dynamic five nearest competitors, competition analytics reports, and more.

Also, analyze your competing resellers and channels with Reseller pricing Intelligence.

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Competitive Price Intelligence

competitive price intelligence

Analyze and monitor your price competitiveness across channels with price analytics reports like CPI (Competitive Price Intelligence) insights reports, competitor price reports, and more. Compare your product’s price with exact competitors also offering that product SKU.

GrowByData’s competitive price intelligence software easily analyzes the price of each SKU against your competitors. Configure shipping and promotional details into your competitive pricing analytics, crucial for successful pricing strategies. Get custom alerts on price competition and fluctuation, per your needs.

Easily Set the Price of a New Product or Adjust the Price of an Existing Product

Use Search Intelligence and Marketplace Intelligence to understand how your brand is priced versus your competitors. Understand whether you are pricing higher in comparison to competitive brands, thus losing clicks and conversions. Utilize the prices of related products that your competitors sell, to set an attractive price for your product. Understand the prices of other leading brands to set an attractive price as a private label brand.

Build pricing intelligence with insights into similar product pricing in the market. To build effective market pricing strategies for both new and old products, pricing managers also need to consider market pricing, promotions, product variants & availability of substitute brands, in addition to apples-to-apples competitive price intelligence.

You might be winning price competition in exact products, but might be losing against close substitute brands. With GrowByData’s Price Intelligence Software, you can build holistic competitive pricing strategies covering both exact & similar product competitive landscapes.

Setting New Product Price or Adjusting Price on an Existing product

Automated Repricing Software

automated repricing software

Build your competitive pricing strategies and rules based on your competitor’s retail base price, shipping price, your market price position, product availability information, and other market intel data points across the channels while automatically calculating and updating the optimized price in your online store, across marketplaces.

Our Pricing Intelligence software has built-in support for Google Shopping, Bing, Walmart, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Big Commerce, Facebook, Woo-commerce and more.

Build Smart Product Feeds for Advertising

Use Competitive Price Intelligence cohorts like “only seller”, “cheapest product” etc. to enrich your product feed and automatically export it to paid search advertising channels like Google Shopping, Facebook, and Bing.

Use these labels to create Shopping Ad campaigns and dynamically switch your product to respective campaigns based on your competitive position. Optimize your bids based on price competitiveness to improve your visibility and conversions across the shopper’s journey.

smart product and price feeds

MAP Compliance Reports

Our Price Intelligence Solution configures the MAP price of your products and monitors MAP violations by retailers and third-party sellers in the United States and Canada. Use powerful reports and MAP violation evidence to notify the manufacturer, brand, and the MAP violators themselves.

Client Success Stories

Competitive Product Price Matched at a Variant Level

Double verified to the SKU level - with AI and human verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing intelligence Software enables agencies brands, and e-commerce to optimize pricing strategy proactively, do repricing, and dynamic pricing, and monitor MAP compliance. When pricing is used with marketing and competitive intelligence, it becomes a powerful way to improve eCommerce performance to gain a competitive advantage. Having accurate pricing data is critical to using pricing intelligence.

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Yes, GrowByData’s Ecommerce Pricing Intelligence software can track and monitor pricing information and trends across online channels. With your product feeds, we can discover competitors, monitor their prices, analyze, and dynamically reprice them on Google Shopping, Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, and other channels, per your need.

GrowByData’s Competitor Price Monitoring Tool can monitor as many competitors as you need.

You don’t need any practical knowledge to implement our price monitoring tool. We just need your product feeds, your prices, margins, floor price, competitors to focus on, and we will start tracking in no time. You will begin to get notifications and violation alerts shortly thereafter.

Yes, GrowByData’s Competitive Price Intelligence Tool can monitor your competitors across various regions. You just need to tell us the regions you want to track, and we will set up the price monitoring for you. One of our unique features is that we can monitor your prices and your competitors’ prices at a country, regional, or city level – even down to the zip code level.

We offer price monitoring services on various platforms such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify, and more. We can monitor these platforms in the US, Canada, the UK, and other geographies.

Yes, you can get a demo of our solution. Please do fill out our demo form with your information and a GrowByData representative will contact you immediately, evaluating your fit for our solution.

GrowByData’s online Retail Price Intelligence matches your SKUs to that of your competitors at a child SKU level, which is critical to getting accurate competitive prices. We use a combination of AI and human intelligence to precisely match your SKUs to that of your competitors. This is our differentiator and the reason our clients consistently trust our retail pricing data.

When you provide us with your product feed, our competitive pricing intelligence software discovers your competitors across the channels you have selected. We match your SKU with your competitors’ exact product SKU and start collecting the pricing data. As per your need, we can deliver granular competitor pricing data, as well as competitive price intelligence data, to your preferred location. You can also check this data and these insights with our Price Intelligence Software.

Price Monitoring and Competitor Pricing Monitoring are key techniques that can help you create the right pricing strategy: value-based and competition-based dynamic pricing, penetration pricing, bundle pricing, zonal pricing, and more. With accurate pricing data, you can evaluate your brand’s pricing strategy and compare it with your competitors to create the winning pricing strategy for your brand. Remaining price competitive versus competitors is vital for the bottom of the funnel conversion.

While it is important to appear on Search, buyers perform price comparison vs. competitors like you – especially for expensive products at the bottom of the funnel. Not remaining price competitive will give your sale to a competitor, so many leading brands are utilizing our solutions to understand and reprice vs. their competition to win the sale.

Through advertising intelligence, pricing intelligence collects product prices at an SKU level across marketplaces, direct-to-consumer sites, retailers, and SERP components. In addition to monitoring competitive pricing across these dimensions, pricing intelligence can be used as a rules-based engine to reprice and make dynamic pricing decisions through pricing intelligence software. Through dynamic feed optimization, advertising campaigns can be optimized for price across publisher channels like Google, Bing, and Facebook. In addition to alerts, pricing intelligence reports on competitive trends and pricing performance.

Pricing Intelligence Accuracy

Pricing intelligence is collected globally and implemented as a custom platform for the user to gain competitive pricing intelligence. All pricing data is verified at the SKU level with algorithmic and human verification.

Pricing Intelligence to Monitor MAP Violations

Pricing intelligence monitors MAP violations in the US and Canada of retail pricing data across marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, Target, Best Buy, eBay, and other online stores. All pricing data is matched at an SKU level with MAP compliance scanning. Alerts and reports are provided with evidence of the violation to share with resellers. We can also monitor other English-speaking countries such as Canada.

GrowByData provides holistic marketing intelligence to agencies and brands across every eCommerce dimension that influences a shopper’s journey across the digital shelf. By collecting, monitoring, and analyzing pricing data, agencies and brands can proactively make pricing decisions in concert with advertising, promotion, product, and marketplace strategies to improve eCommerce performance and gain a competitive advantage. GrowByData ensures the accuracy of its data through a double verification process involving AI and human validation.