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Looking for accurate product price intelligence data to improve eCommerce performance?

Utilize accurate product price data to ensure price optimization, execute repricing strategy, leverage dynamic pricing, and monitor MAP

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What is Pricing Intelligence?

Pricing intelligence enables agencies and brands to proactively optimize pricing strategy, including pricing, repricing, dynamically pricing, and monitoring MAP compliance. When pricing is used with marketing intelligence and competitive intelligence, it becomes a powerful way to improve eCommerce performance to gain a competitive advantage. Ensuring accurate pricing information is critical to using pricing intelligence.

Why Should Your Agency or Brand Use Pricing Intelligence and is It Accurate?

Pricing Intelligence Features

Pricing intelligence collects product data to the SKU level across marketplace, direct-to-consumer sites, retailers, and SERP components through advertising intelligence. In addition to monitoring competitive pricing across these dimensions, pricing intelligence, through pricing intelligence software, can be used as a rules-based engine to reprice and make dynamic pricing decisions. Through dynamic feed optimization, advertising campaigns can be optimized for price, as well as across publisher channels like Google, Bing, and Facebook. In addition to alerts, pricing intelligence reports on competitive, trend, and pricing performance.

Price Intelligence

Pricing Intelligence Accuracy

Pricing intelligence is collected globally, and implemented as a custom platform for the user to gather competitive pricing intelligence. All pricing data is double verified to the SKU level, including human verification.

Pricing Intelligence to Monitor MAP Violations

Price intellgence

Pricing intelligence is also used to monitor MAP violations of retail pricing data across marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, Target, Best Buy, eBay and more online store. All pricing data is matched to the SKU level for MAP compliance scanning. Alerts and reports are provided with evidence of the violation to share with resellers. We also have the ability to scan other English speaking countries outside of the US.

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Why Use GrowByData’s Pricing Intelligence?

GrowByData provides holistic marketing intelligence to agencies and brands across every eCommerce dimension that influences a shopper journey across the digital shelf. By collecting, monitoring, and analyzing pricing intelligence, agencies and brands can proactively make pricing decisions in concert with advertising, promotion, product, and marketplace strategies that improve eCommerce performance and create competitive advantage. GrowByData ensures the accuracy of its data through a double verification process involving AI, and human validation by its data analysts.

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