Search Intelligence with End-to-End SERP Analysis

Holistic, deep visibility across all SERP features – text Ads, display Ads, shopping, local Ads, and organic. Get a single view into increasing share-of-voice, uncovering competitive opportunities, and catching price undercutting.

Unprecedented Visibility with Ad Intelligence

Ad intelligence provides near real-time, custom multi-dimensional views into how you compare to competitors and how retailers are advertising and selling your products.

  • Google and Bing Ad and SERP visibility, by keyword, price, device, and region
  • Tracking Ads across SERP components, devices, campaigns, and content
  • View competitor’s top ads, track what retailers are pushing, and uncover promotional and local inventory tactics
  • Get actionable Ad campaign alerts on price, missing products, anomalies, competitive trends, and SERP format changes
Visibility-with ad intel

Pinpoint SEO Intelligence

Create a more holistic strategy with richer insights on keyword performance based on multiple dimensions within and across SEO formats that involve competitive SEO and SERP content, keyword grouping, and region. Zero in on SEO effectiveness with granular insights into all major formats including organic, People Also Ask (PAA), images, and videos.

Close the Search Loop

Add our catalog management solution and automated product data feeds to enrich and optimize the ROI of SEO and SEM by placing the right product attributes in the right fields. Or, use our data feeds as a supplement, enriching what you already have, while finding new opportunities to increase organic search and Ad performance with additional insights.


Search Intelligence the GrowByData Way

  • Hyper-target your shopper data down to zip code
  • Derive new insights with custom labeling
  • Get holistic visibility across Ad types and formats, not just paid and organic
  • Granular keyword visibility to optimize SERP tactics like organic, text Ads, shopping, and video
  • Near real-time alerts notify you of changing campaign and SERP dynamics
  • Enrich, optimize, and syndicate product data across Google and Bing Ads and marketplaces
  • Control the level of near real-time insights by using Tableau, Amazon Quicksight, Google Data Studio, or PowerBI

Step beyond Search Intelligence.

GrowByData’s Marketing Intelligence Unifies Insights across Search, Product, and Channels

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Frequently Asked Questions

We support Google and Bing

We support all Ad types and formats, not just organic and paid. These include Google as well as Bing Shopping Ads, display Ads, local Ads, People Also Ask, images, and videos in addition to organic and text Ads.

We track a large number of competitive and advertising dimensions across keywords, pricing, devices, and region. The dimensions we track include enriched shopper data and custom insights for your business.

Our search intelligence solution provides a unified view into how your Ads are performing across all SERP components, devices, campaigns, and content. This means deeper insight into competitor’s top Ads, tracking what products retailers are pushing, pricing, and uncovering new promotional and fulfillment tactics.

We provide near real-time Ad campaign alerts on price, promotions, missing products, anomalies, competitive trends, and SERP format changes to name just a few.