Geo-Targeted SERP Intel

Search Monitoring from Continents, Countries, Cities, and Zip Codes to understand your brand visibility and competitive landscape across International and Local Geo-Locations.

Holistic SERP Visibility

Complete Search Visibility to maximize coverage and clicks. Understand weighted Share of Voice considering all SERP elements, true rank and above vs below the fold impressions.

How Search Intelligence helps Search Marketers

All-in-one Holistic Search Intelligence Solution

All-In-One Holistic Search Intelligence Solution

Gain holistic search insights with end-to-end SERP analysis. Understand competitive landscape from organic search and paid search intelligence.

Audit your search marketing performance across business segments to efficiently orchestrate your organic and paid search strategies, optimize your total search budget and maximize visibility and click-ability. Track ad cannibalization issues within and across serp features.

Maximize Paid Search Effectiveness

With holistic paid search intelligence, ensure paid ads campaigns are hyper optimized and synergized with organic ads to maximize SERP coverage. Get insights to create more relevant and competitive ads by tracking ad copies, offers, promotions and ad extensions used by competitors across your international and local markets.

Ensure affiliate compliance in text ads.

Paid Search intel

Granular Insights into Shopping Ads

Deep-dive into product listing ads with granular Google Shopping Digital Shelf Analytics.
Analyze shopping ad product titles, price, promotion, product bundles, variants, reviews & ratings, shipping, and local inventory labels competing in the auction
Get paid search insights into ways to optimize your product ads.

Monitor your top and emerging competitors Share of Voice by product categories by targeted geos, search devices, and times of day.

Ensure MAP & reseller compliance in Shopping Ads through search intelligence.

Unprecedented SEO Insights

Get strategic SEO Intelligence not available elsewhere with GrowByData’s holistic search engine Marketing Intelligence. Monitor your organic rank across all organic SERP features & get competitive SERP analytics to understand gateway features and acquire the best spot in SERP.

Audit your international seo and local SEO performance and get prescriptive insights to maximize your visibility.

Unprecedented SEO Insights

Step Beyond Search Intelligence

Search Marketing Intelligence for Holistic Search Strategy

GrowByData powers the world's largest brands, retailers and digital agencies.

















Frequently Asked Questions

Search Marketing Intelligence is an emerging search marketing concept and strategy that performs end-to-end SERP data analysis to build a holistic or total search strategy to maximize your total search performance. Learn more on “What is Search Intelligence?“.

Holistic Search or  Total Search is a strategy to maximize total search performance to orchestrate paid and organic search strategies and remove silos between SEM and SEO teams. Learn more about Holistic or Total Search Strategy.

Below are the key benefits of a Holistic Search Strategy:

  • Keyword Planning – Common Starting Points for SEM and SEO Teams
  • SERP Watch – Track SERP Changes
  • Strategic Budget Mobilization for Cost Saving
  • Improve Customer Search Experience
  • Maximize SERP Real Estate to Improve Total Clicks & Conversions
  • Holistic Optimization & Testing Plan

Ad cannibalization is a search visibility issue that occurs when a brand’s own search ads are competing against one another. It produces an adverse impact on search engine performance. 

Search intelligence insights are not limited to the search team only. Search Marketing Intelligence provides granular ad content analytics that gives unprecedented market and competitive insights invaluable to your marketing, product, pricing, merchandising, sales, and client teams.

GrowByData Search Monitoring technology is an advanced tool in the market that can precisely collect SERP data from targeted GEO locations down to the zip code level that is validated with a comprehensive data quality engine and professionals.

Search Intelligence provides strategic and tactical insights to gain a competitive edge in the search market. An advanced SERP monitoring tool allows you to collect SERP data from your exact targeted geo-location. With end-to-end SERP data analysis, enrichment, and customization, Search Marketing Intelligence provides insights for your entire search, product, merchandizing, pricing, sales, and client teams to boost your search marketing ROI.

Search intelligence integrated into product intelligence and marketplace intelligence provides a new level of holistic and granular visibility to enable marketers to understand what consumers are searching for and how they interact with your brand on product pages and across marketplaces. Beyond keyword visibility, marketers will have deep insight into the behaviors of consumers to effectively create compelling ads, drive better placement, and make attractive offers and promotions.

Below are the 4 key capabilities you should look for in a Search Intelligence tool to build unified Marketing Intelligence across the shopper journey:

End-to-end SERP analysis:  Support across all SERP components, including text ads, display ads, shopping ads, local ads, and organic to implement a holistic search strategy

Data Enrichment & Customization: Capability & flexibility to build multi-dimensional views into search market and competitive landscape insights dissected by targeted local views, devices, product categories, competitor grouping, keyword labeling, and other custom groupings that are labor extensive.

Unify with Product Experience: When search intelligence is unified with product intelligence through the attributes of shoppers and their searches, eCommerce marketers gain a further advantage to understand how to effectively optimize product pages to maximize buying conversions. For example, confidence that a keyword search that contains attributes like gender, size, color, style, price, and other promotional incentives leads to product pages where content quality is high and supports the search gives the marketer confidence in conversion.

Unify with Marketplace Intelligence: Product content and offers will vary across marketplaces. However, the shopper journey is not static across the digital shelf. As shoppers change what they search for, unifying search intelligence with marketplace intelligence ensures agencies and brands are optimizing each marketplace as consumer attributes change.

Our search intelligence solution provides a unified view of how your ads perform across all SERP components, devices, campaigns, and content. It means deeper insight into competitors’ top ads, tracking what products retailers are pushing, pricing, and uncovering new promotional and fulfillment tactics.

We provide near real-time shopping ad campaign alerts on price, promotions, missing products, anomalies, competitive trends, and SERP format changes, to name just a few.

We support Google, Bing and Baidu. We uncover opportunities to you through Paid Search Intelligence and Organic Search Monitoring capabilities.

We support all ad types and formats, not just organic and paid. These include Google Shopping Ads, display ads, local ads, People Also Ask, Popular products, images, and videos in addition to organic and text ads.

We track a large number of competitive and advertising dimensions across keywords, pricing, devices, and region. The dimensions we track include enriched shopper data and custom insights for your business.

Our search intelligence solution provides a unified view into how your ads are performing across all SERP components, devices, campaigns, and content. This means deeper insight into your competitors’ top ads, tracking what products retailers are pushing, pricing, and uncovering new promotional and fulfillment tactics.

Our paid search intelligence provide near real-time ad campaign alerts on price, promotions, missing products, anomalies, competitive trends, and SERP format changes to name just a few.

Paid Search Intelligence monitors SERP layouts,  competitors, both text ads and shopping ad contents to provide holistic paid search insights and strategies synergized with your organic search campaigns to maximize total search engine ROAS.

Organic Search Intelligence monitors holistic SERP layout, competitions, organic ads and ranking across the SERP features to find opportunities & strategies coordinated with your paid campaigns to maximize Total Search ROI.

Yes. Local Search Intelligence provides  strategical and tactical insights to leverage your local presence and optimize your total local search performance. It monitors and analyzes local SERP data up to zip code level to identify local search intent keywords, benchmark visibility against top and emerging competitors in local market, gives visibility into ad contents and ranking across organic features including Google 3-Pack and other organic components to drive your local search marketing campaigns.

Yes. International Search Intelligence help you understand the international SERP landscape, benchmark visibility against top and emerging international competitors, gives insights into ad contents and ranking across SERP features to optimize total international search performance. With search monitoring feature we can collect SERP data from global cities and supports all international languages to audit and analyze your international targeting.