In the 90s we evangelized the “promise of the Internet”. We said, “everything can now be measured” and that we could do BIG things with that data. But the Cloud had not been invented yet, and only the largest companies could take advantage of data science.

Things have changed. You could say that we’ve waited 18 years for this moment. The promise of the Internet can now be realized, and we’ll help by putting the power of Big Data within everyone’s reach.

Prasanna Dhungel Co-Founder & Managing Partner of GrowByData
Co-founder, Managing Partner

Prasanna is a data expert with 20 years experience as an executive in global data firms in the retail and healthcare spaces. He has worked with early stage, growth equity, larger private, publicly traded and non profits. He received his BS with Honors from Cornell University, Masters in Engineering from Princeton University, and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management. He was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, and resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

VP of Technology

Herb is a master when it comes to mapping state-of-the-art technology to specific business challenges. With 30+ years of experience creating, operating and marketing technical products and services at companies like Bell Atlantic, Data General, and Hyperdesk, his record of success encompasses both fields – marketing and technology. He resides just outside Boston, Massachusetts.

Operations Director

Subin has extensive experience as both a manager and an analyst. Prior to GrowByData, he worked as a manager at Grand Bank, Nepal, and spent three years before that as a Systems Analyst at the Veritis Group Inc. in Irving, Texas. He holds a Bachelors from the University of Delhi, an MBA from the University of Findlay, Ohio, and an MS in Accounting from Western Illinois University.