Track Affiliate Violations in Paid Search

Catch sophisticated bad actors that are hijacking your brand in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by using GrowByData’s proprietary and comprehensive approach to monitoring affiliate violations in paid search.


How to Investigate Affiliate Violations?

  • Brand Violations: Find out if your branded keywords are being hijacked.
  • Rank Violations: Identify affiliate partners that are outranking you.
  • URL Hijacks: Reveal URLs that are impersonating as your brand’s domain and giving bad customer experience.
  • Ad Copy: Spot unauthorized ads, promotions, and landing pages violating your affiliate guidelines.
  • Brand Bidding: Detect affiliates bidding on your brand terms, or appearing above your ads (if you disallow that).
  • Geography: Detect affiliates appearing in metros, states or countries they are not supposed to.

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How to Enforce Affiliate Policies?

  • Track your affiliate partner activities in near real time across countries, regions, cities and zip codes.
  • Get Alerts with email notifications when affiliate violations happen.
  • Collect Evidence of the violation with screen grabs that show location and timestamps.
  • Inform Individually or in batches inform Google and the brand on affiliate policy violations.

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