MAP Compliance Monitoring & Enforcement Made Easy

Unlock the ultimate solution for maintaining brand integrity and maximizing profits with GrowBydata Best MAP compliance monitoring services. As a brand owner, it’s crucial to enforce the MAP policy across the United States and Canada. Our platform ensures strict adherence to MAP Policy  guidelines while fostering positive relationships with authorized resellers and diligently monitoring unauthorized channels and resellers. Elevate your brand’s protection and profitability with the best MAP compliance monitoring available.

Discover retailers selling all your SKUs on channels like Amazon, Google Shopping, Walmart, Target & others in the US, Canada and other countries. Monitor them in near real-time and have screenshots when they violate your MAP pricing rules. MAP Monitoring software and service helps you with this – discover and track your retailers across channels, and alert you of violations with evidence.



Ensure your products are matched at the variant level across channels, through a blend of artificial intelligence and human analysis for accurate product retailer discovery, which is key to accurate MAP monitoring and enforcement campaigns.



Control your MAP compliance monitoring schedule and monitor Minimum Advertised Price violators with our easy-to-use software and service. Track products in groups across the US and Canada, cities, channels, and ad types at your desired frequency.



Use our powerful reports to keep track of price violations at a SKU level. Get real-time violation alerts. Take enforcement action with undeniable, accurate screenshots of MAP violations on Amazon, Google, Walmart, or other online channels in the US and Canada.

Monitor MAP Prices on a Schedule

With GrowByData’s solution, discover retailers selling your products at a SKU level across channels, and monitor their advertised prices multiple times a day.

You can monitor violations by resellers in the United States and Canada at a zip code, metropolitan and country level.

We have built-in support for Amazon, Google Shopping, Walmart, eBay, Target & Best Buy. Per your need, we can set up monitoring on any direct channels built in Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc.

map price monitoring on Google, Amazon, Walmart, Target and many digital platforms and channels

Access Powerful MAP Violation Reports

map price and violation monitoring software and service

GrowByData’s MAP Policy Monitoring software enables continuous tracking of price violations and comprehensive analysis of enforcement performance through robust MAP violation reports. Identify both authorized and unauthorized sellers infringing upon your MAP policies in the US and Canada, assessing violation trends to prioritize enforcement actions based on severity and frequency.

Identify the most vulnerable products, categories, channels, locations, and times of day. Setup price monitoring schedules and proactively stay on top of violations.

Enforce MAP Violators with Evidence

Simply identifying violations is not enough. It is crucial you immediately alert violators with evidence to strictly enforce your MAP Policy. GrowByData’s MAP monitoring software sends you near real-time notification when violations happen, in any location in US or Canada. You can then decide when and how to alert your resellers. You can use our MAP notification system to customize your MAP violation emails and automatically send violators emails.

Having prompt notifications on MAP non-compliance with screenshots provides you with violation evidence of the product with the issue, the advertised price, and the violating seller. This is crucial to enforce your MAP policy. You can also use the trend reports and SKU level violation evidence were you to engage with a MAP policy compliance lawyer.

Get Powerful MAP Enforcement Report on Amazon, Google Shopping and Walmart

Gain Reseller Intelligence

retail map - reseller monitoring and tracking

Understand your resellers in the US, Canada and other markets across channels. Find unauthorized resellers and sales on unauthorized channels. For brands that don’t want to sell on certain channels or in certain geographies, you can find authorized and unauthorized sellers selling there. Spot resellers with negative reviews that are impacting your brand and uncover whether bad products or poor customer service are degrading your brand image among shoppers. Also, detect resellers that are violating your MAP pricing across different time zones, regions, search engines, and marketplaces.

You may be looking to expand your reseller network in existing markets, and enter new markets. Deepen your relationships with your current resellers that are complying with your channel policies and have excellent reviews. Expand your reseller network by learning about and engaging with resellers with good reviews selling your competitor’s products.

Get Price Intelligence Features

GrowByData MAP compliance monitoring tool is part of its unified Marketing Intelligence Search, Product, Price & Marketplaces Intelligence. Enrolling in MAP will get you access to the Price Intelligence module with powerful repricing features & competitive price intelligence reports.

MAP Enforcement Software and Services

On Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping and direct websites

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Frequently Asked Questions

MAP Monitoring is the process of tracking your minimum advertised price across online channels in the US and Canada. You can identify map violations, see pricing trends of authorized retailers and  find unauthorized resellers.

Learn more about GrowByData Map Monitoring Solution.

MAP Policy is crucial to protecting your brand value in the market. If a retailer is offering prices much cheaper than you allow, it could destroy your brand image and credibility. Our monitoring software helps track such violations and alerts you with proof to report and enforce MAP.

Learn more about it in “Minimum advertised price & its policy

Yes, the MAP policy only prohibits advertising below the Minimum Advertised Price. You can still sell below the minimum price via discounts & promotions.

GrowByData’s MAP monitoring software tracks map violators with screenshot evidence. You should report such non-compliant sellers with evidence to enforce your policy.

Read more about map violation alert email templates in this article: Minimum Advertised Price Violations Free Email Template

GrowByData’s MAP monitoring software seamlessly tracks violations across all Amazon ad formats: organic, sponsored, and on Amazon Seller listing pages.

Powered by a blend of AI and Human analysts, our monitoring solution meticulously matches your products with Amazon URLs in the US and Canada. With intraday monitoring, receive near real-time alerts and reports to swiftly address MAP violations.”

Yes, GrowByData Map Monitoring technology can monitor and track map violations across marketplaces and direct online retail channels in Canada. We can track any sort of Map violations on Amazon Canada, Google Shopping Canada and other sites in Canada.

Yes, GrowByData’s MAP monitoring software can track map violations across various channels. With your product feeds, we can easily track MAP prices on channels such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, and others per your need.

GrowByData’s solutions are far more comprehensive, flexible, and customizable in the market. We have no limitation in terms of channels and can track every ad type, to ensure as many online retailers are tracked for you as possible.

You do not need to have any sort of practical knowledge of MAP Violation tracking and implementation. What we need is simply your product feeds and your channel requirements. We will do all the heavy lifting and start tracking the violations for you. You will start to get automatic violation alerts and notifications for your enforcement campaigns via email, and access to our comprehensive dashboard.

Yes, you can certainly get a demo of our Map Monitoring software after our GrowByData representatives are finished discerning your requirements and needs.

Yes, we can adjust times to scan MAP. Our system scans up to hourly.

Brands have many questions on the reports and how they should enforce, penalize and incentive their sellers. We offer brands the MAP monitoring software to monitor MAP violations. Then we offer best practices on reaching out. We also offer best practices on how to incentivize good sellers that don’t violate MAP pricing rules.