Effectively Expand Markets

Discover growth opportunities & trends early to enter and exit markets timely.


Improve Campaign Performance

Optimize product content gaps to improve quality score & product experience.


Optimize Marketing Strategies

Develop new strategies to gain visibility and consistently grow market share.


Enhance Brand Protection

Protect your client’s brand value by spotting and enforcing MAP Prices.

Win New Business

Our Marketing Intelligence can help you gain unprecedented insights on SERP trends, advertisers, keywords, geolocations (local and international), product content, etc. on paid and organic listings to find opportunities for existing clients and create strategies to win new businesses.

  • Use location-based insights to confidently launch into new markets or launch new products by identifying zip-codes, regions, cities, or countries where the competition might be weaker.
  • Maximize ROAS and increase visibility by gaining insights into growth opportunity keywords and budget-saving keywords.
  • Analyze product content scores and find improvement opportunities for prospective clients to improve their click shares

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Optimize Client Performance

Drive more value from your client’s marketing budget by better understanding your client’s competitive landscape, optimizing for the right contents, and developing strategies to increase SOV, click volume, and ROAS. Have the right data to develop valuable insights on sales performance reports and properly assess your value at QBRs.

  • Know exactly what is going on in your client’s competitive landscape by easily monitoring ad visibility fluctuations, the share of voice saturations, SERP changes, etc. across channels.
  • Optimize your client’s marketing budget by properly mobilizing it across paid and organic searches to maximize ROAS.
  • Understand factors impacting your client’s listings with insights on product titles, images, promotions, merchandising, reviews, ratings, etc. to optimize the product content, improve clicks, and boost conversions.

Protect Client Brand

Protect your client’s brand value by enforcing MAP policy compliance. Monitor affiliate, brand term, and channel territory violators and set up price monitoring schedules on your vulnerable products, categories, locations, and time of day to proactively stay on top of MAP violations and control shopper experiences, reseller experiences, and CPC spikes.


Efficiently enrich data across several channels, marketplaces, and retail websites to optimize marketing campaigns, SEO, and conversions. Easily set up dynamic pricing structures to automatically update prices based on your customized rules. Use our latest Smart Tagging tool to create dynamic rules based on a keyword, time, location, product, price, etc. to optimize your product feeds and save time for your client’s marketing team.

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