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Pricing Intelligence discovers 30% higher prices as leading cause of drop in CTR

A leading musical instrument and equipment retailer in the US used GrowByData’s Pricing & Ad Intelligence data, insights, and holistic search explorer dashboard reports to gain visibility into their competitive pricing, Share of Voice, and ad performance on Google.


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The major advantage is getting a step further than the auction insights which is the usual competitive monitoring set. Unlinking the account itself to the process and just to keywords that you are interested lets you see the bigger picture. Plus, there’s additional signals such as price points and titles that can lend strategic insights. Usually these are good on a case-by-case basis to help answer or solve interesting problems.

Peter R - Sr Manager SEM, Leading Agency

“Amazon sales literally grew 100% YoY, in 30 days, after upgrading from free repricer Amazon’s to GBD.”

VP Of Marketing
Leading Apparel Brand