The Solution

GrowByData conducted geo-based market scan and identified 9 regions where the client was at a competitive disadvantage. The agency team included this gap in their sales pitch and showed where this top retailer was lagging.

GrowByData’s insight showed that the retailer has visibility weaknesses in categories like Beer, Vodka, Brandy, Champagne, and Scotch. Nine product categories had no visibility in Virginia and five categories had average ad ranks below the fold. The retailer’s ad impressions were not available in Scotch category in most markets. Despite the retailer having strong store footprints in Florida, it had a low share of voice, while it had the highest Share of Voice in Massachusetts despite having low store footprint.

The agency team could see opportunities for Online to Offline alignment by doubling down on markets with higher store counts, increasing online visibility to compensate for markets with small store footprints, and improving visibility on lagging categories with geo-targeted campaigns.


With these insights, the agency developed a strategy to increase visibility & recapture lost demand without the prospect sharing any performance data about their business. This impressive data-driven sales pitch helps our agency partner win the account and bundled in custom GrowByData services including geo data provided for the pitch.

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