Unlimited Visibility into the Shopper’s Journey across the Digital Shelf

Every shopper’s journey is unique, and spans hundreds of dimensions involving finding the right products at the best prices. Add in reviews, ratings, video, images, color, and size, across marketplaces, and ways to advertise – and the complexity and challenges of the shopper journey are evident.

Now go deeper with nuances in the journey – enrichment of product titles based on gender, purchase behavior based on geo or by type of device, or the impact of shipping and fulfillment promotions. There is no ideal customer profile, but many exhibiting different needs and behaviors at any particular point in time.

That’s why, unlike anywhere else, we cluster and group massive amounts of shopper data, across all of these dimensions, and narrow the infinite possibilities to the best opportunities, presenting them to you with unified search, product, and marketplace intelligence. We bring the shopper and the digital shelf together in ways that are actionable to drive eCommerce performance.

Our Enriched Shopper Data Helps Drive
eCommerce Performance

Check out the richness of search and product enrichment data and analytics. The possibilities are only limited by how far you want to explore, discover, and take action.


Product Content and Customer Sentiment

  • Title, description, brand, gender, size, case pack, color, material, and other attributes
  • A+ content, images, video
  • Category/sub-category, number of child SKUs
  • Best seller rank, 3rd party sellers, reviews left by buyers, new vs. refurbished
  • Reviews, ratings, question and answer, People Also Ask

Pricing, Promotion, Demand, and Delivery Intelligence

  • Set competitive prices
  • Track and monitor SKU retail prices on the same marketplace and across many, including MAP compliance alerts, down to zip code
  • Price off promotions, coupons such as Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, and other incentives
  • Inventory availability down to zip code
  • Inventory availability, including quantity, of 3rd party sellers
  • 3rd party seller reviews
  • Shipping insights for Amazon Prime, Walmart Plus, 3 day shipping, and free shipping down to zip code

Search Intelligence

  • Intraday search monitoring across Google, Amazon, Walmart, and Target by geography and device, down to zip code
  • Ad title, Ad location, price, promotion, sellers
  • Number of reviews and the average of those reviews
  • Local inventory Ads, curbside pickup
  • Sale tags
  • Search results by title, position, URL, description, videos, Twitter, People Also Ask, related searches
  • Store locations and availability
  • Text Ads
  • Sponsored and display Ads
  • Best Seller, editorial recommendations, Amazon’s Choice, Walmart’s Choice

Marketplace Intelligence

  • Cross-marketplace intelligence on every dimension associated with product, price, promotions, inventory, and shipping
  • Ads by advertiser, location, ratings, number of reviews, price, promotions, and special offers
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads, Amazon Display Ads
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Best Sellers
  • Brands Related to Search
  • New Arrivals
  • New and Used