Our Story

Prasanna Dhungel and Scott Smigler started GrowByData in 2014. At the time, ecommerce was taking off and many businesses struggled to apply data techniques effectively. Their idea was to provide accessible intelligence that clients could use to unlock their competitive advantage and achieve sustainable growth, which is where the name GrowByData came from. This also became the basis of the duo’s desire to provide an engine of growth for colleagues and the community, with a personal investment of time and money in both the Boston area and Nepal, where GrowByData was formed, and in the nearly 300 employees who now work for the company.

Misson & Values

For over a decade GBD has embraced a data-driven mission that has added sustainable value to our clients, colleagues, and the community.

Our relentless focus on enabeling sustainable client growth and competitive advantage has led us to assemble and cultivate a melting pot of top talent and top ideas from around the world, connecting us to a diverse group of communities and making corporate social responsibility part of our DNA since day 1.

In this spirit, GBD has supported causes as diverse as an elementary school attended by HIV infected children, to helping survivors of the devestating earthquake in Nepal, to training teachers on how to use computers and data in Kathmandu in order to help train the next generation of data scientists. In the U.S., GBD is partnering with colleges to expose and train graduate students in intellectually advanced topics in digital marketing like AI.

“We believe that connecting the best talent from all around the world genuinely creates a melting pot of top ideas,” says co-founder and Managing Partner Prasanna Dhungel. “Motivated by doing good for our clients, this collection of passionate team members truly has a global impact. And that’s what excites us for the tremendous opportunities we see ahead.”

Clients Who Are Winning with Us