What does GrowByData Do?

GrowByData was founded to provide agencies, brands, and retailers with unified visibility into the shopper journey across the digital shelf. A tall order, and one that requires data that is available nowhere else, but also for an unlimited number of brands, marketplaces, and direct-to-consumer choices across every way that shoppers search, buy, and have their needs fulfilled. GrowByData enriches and unifies this data across Search, Product, and Marketplaces, transforming it into eCommerce marketing intelligence that provides complete and customized visibility for each of our clients. GrowByData includes software-as-a-service (SaaS) and data-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions.

Agency, brand, and retailer executives and teams need unified, holistic visibility into the shopper experience, where the journey meets the digital shelf and every touchpoint to find, buy, and determine availability and fulfillment that is optimized for ecommerce performance.

Who We Are

GrowByData was co-founded by Prasanna Dhungel. Prasanna leads GrowByData, and is the chief architect of its data strategy with a deep understanding of Big Data issues and Human-in-the-Loop models, making his expertise perfect to solve complex shopper journeys and digital shelf challenges. Prasanna is complemented by a team of worldwide technology, service, and customer experts who are passionate about uncovering fresh insights and new opportunities for clients.

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Our Solutions

GrowByData’s solutions provide you with unified visibility into the shopper journey across Search, Product, and Marketplace. Our Product Data feeds close the loop and supplement your existing feeds and makes them better, optimizing your product intelligence.

Enriched and Customized Insights

Extend and customize your visibility with enriched shopper data, and customized specific to your business. We provide enriched and customized insights delivered as raw data, for ultimate control, or to your favorite BI tool.


Trusted by Industry Leaders

GrowByData powers the world’s largest brands, retailers and digital agencies.

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You want to know what makes GrowByData different
GrowByData unifes highly enriched and customized Search, Product, and Marketplace intelligence in the same way that the shopper journey takes place on the digital shelf. We know exactly how shoppers are finding, buying, and determining the availability of their purchases by analyzing how they search and engage with products, across any marketplace and direct-to-consumer channel, regardless of geography or device.

You want to optimize eCommerce performance, but you’re using too many tools and having difficulty determining which data has the most impact
We meet this challenge in three ways for our clients – unify Search, Product, and Marketplace intelligence, enrich the intelligence with data from the shopper journey, customize the data to your business.

You want customers to find, buy, and have their orders fulfilled – we call it findability, buyability, and availability
We unify Search, Product, and Marketplace intelligence in near-real time, giving you a single view into how customers find, buy, and get their orders fulfilled. We work with you to then provide customized, enriched insights.

You want data enrichment to enable business level analysis to optimize eCommerce performance
We enrich data with labels including categories, above the fold, titles, product descriptions, pricing tiers, promotions, shipping and fulfillment, and more. Essentially, every aspect of the shopper journey, including your competitors. With this enhanced data, you can do deeper analysis to uncover trends and proactively improve your performance across Search, Product, and Marketplace.

You want custom data
GrowByData places no limits on the customization we deliver. Whether for specific granular use cases or for broader customizations ranging from search to product and marketplace, across any number of dimensions you choose.

You want insights delivered your way
We provide you with flexibility and control. We can deliver raw, granular data for your data analyst teams, or provide visualizations of near real-time insights for your executives, marketers, and digital teams by using Tableau, Amazon Quicksight, Google Data Studio, or PowerBI.