Digital Shelf Visibility across Marketplaces and the Shopper Journey

Get a single, multi-dimensional view into the digital shelf of the shopper journey, overlaid with granular product and price intelligence.

  • Product and pricing visibility by gender, size, color, and SKU
  • Holistic visibility across Ad types, including Amazon organic and paid Ads, top sellers, Prime, and editorial recommendations
  • Custom data labels specific to your business
  • Tag all competitors, labeling keywords to detect opportunities across Share of Voice at a category level
  • Content, promotion, and shipping intelligence gives digital shelf visibility into how well products sell
  • Understand what products and what product content ranks well

Connect Competitive Intelligence to the Shopper’s Journey

Every shopper touchpoint has a competitive, brand, and seller dimension involving content, pricing, inventory, reviews, ratings, promotions, and shipping.

  • Holistic marketplace views into competitive pricing optimize price and promotions
  • Custom labels detect opportunities across Share of Voice, and competitors
  • Compare competitive product content, promotion, and shipping across marketplaces
  • Visibility into competitive reviews and ratings optimizes price and promotions
  • A single, competitive marketplace view for all SERP components, Google, and Bing Ad types
  • Competitive sponsored Ad visibility across creates additional promotional opportunities
close the marketplace loop

Close the Marketplace Loop

Add our catalog management solution and automated data feeds to enrich your product content faster. Or use our data feeds as a supplement, enriching what you have.

Marketplace Intelligence the GrowByData Way

  • Holistic visibility into all 3rd party sellers, including reviews, ratings, and competitive pricing
  • Hyper-target your shopper data down to zip code
  • Custom data labels derive new insights
  • Holistic visibility across Ad types and formats, not just paid and organic
  • Visibility into competitive reviews and ratings optimizes price and promotions
  • Near real-time alerts notify you of changing campaign dynamics
  • Enrich, optimize, and syndicate product data across marketplaces, eCommerce stores, and Google and Bing Ads
  • Control the level of near real-time insights by using Tableau, Amazon Quicksight, Google Data Studio, or PowerBI
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Extend Visibility beyond Marketplaces.

GrowByData Unifies Insights across Search, Product, and Channels

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Frequently Asked Questions

We support Amazon, Walmart, Target, BestBuy, and many direct-to-consumer and 3rd party sellers.

We support all marketplace Ad types, including organic, sponsored Ads, top sellers, editorial recommendations, and special programs like Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus.

We provide competitive visibility into all content, promotion, and fulfillment intelligence at very granular levels across marketplaces, providing deep understanding of what products and content rank well.

We provide granular visibility into ratings and reviews of competitive products – essentially all aspects of product content on a page, including how competitors use marketplace Ad types and formats.

Yes, we support the ability to set up custom data labels based on shopper attributes that provide specific visibility into brands across marketplaces and the competition.

We can monitor prices on popular marketplaces like Google Shopping, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and eBay. Likewise, we can monitor from direct ecommerce sites anywhere in the world. If you have other ecommerce sites that you want to do price monitoring, you can let us know. We have rapidly supported custom price monitoring needs for our clients.

Yes. We automatically update prices on Google Merchant Center, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Yahoo and other sites.

Typically, we have provided the repriced data in a product feed that the client product feed team imports into their product catalog. We have integrations into platforms like Amazon, Google Merchant Center and other ecommerce marketplaces to automatically make price changes. After clients gain confidence, they utilize our full automation capabilities by providing us rules that we set to enable automated repricing.

You can detect when other resellers are not complying with minimum advertised price (MAP) policies on their eCommerce store and/or marketplaces. You will also see when resellers don’t follow channel sales policies. For example, many brands prevent selling on Amazon. Competitive price intelligence data will identify when brands that are not to be sold on Amazon are found to be selling. Additionally, brands can detect unauthorized sellers and potentially fraudulent products.