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What is Search Intelligence?

Search intelligence lets marketers hyper-target consumers across all of the ad types and formats of Google and Bing, not just paid and organic. When combined with competitive intelligence, search intelligence can provide holistic and granular visibility into how and what consumers discover in the search portion of the shopper’s journey.

Why Should Your Agency or Brand Use Search Intelligence as part of a Marketing Intelligence Strategy?

Search intelligence software is not new, and it has most commonly been adopted as an SEO intelligence tool. eCommerce marketers frequently use search intelligence software to focus on search engine marketing, paid and organic, and how it has evolved into other ad types and formats, including shopping, local ads, and display ads. However, search intelligence integrated into product intelligence and marketplace intelligence provides a new level of holistic and granular visibility that enables marketers to understand what cohorts of consumers are searching on, and the way they interact with your brand on product pages and across marketplaces. Add in competitive intelligence, beyond keyword visibility, as part of search intelligence, and marketers have deep insight into the behaviors of consumers and can more effectively create compelling ads, drive better placement, or make attractive offers and promotions.

What are some of the key features required for effective search intelligence?

End-to-end SERP analysis

Support across all SERP components, including text ads, display ads, shopping, local ads, and organic. This support must include Ad intelligence and the ability to have brand visibility down to the SKU level across each of the SERP components. Layering competitive intelligence, by brand down to the SKU level, provides even greater insight to optimize price and promotions, and surface share-of-voice opportunities.

Unified with Product Intelligence

When search intelligence is unified with product intelligence through the attributes of shoppers and their searches, eCommerce marketers gain further advantage in understanding how to most effectively optimize product pages to create buying conversions. For example, keywords searches, that contain attributes like gender, size, color, style, or even price, and other promotional incentives, that then lead to product pages where content quality is high and supports what was searched, give the marketer added insight.

SEO Intelligence

SEO effectiveness is increased when there are granular insights into all major formats including organic, People Also Ask (PAA), images, and videos. Expand that visibility to include competitive SEO and SERP content across those formats, and find new opportunities based on competitor weaknesses.

Unified with Marketplace Intelligence

Product content and offers will vary across marketplaces. However, the shopper journey is not static across the digital shelf. As shoppers change in what they are searching for, unifying search intelligence with marketplace intelligence ensures agencies and brands are optimizing each marketplace as consumer attributes change. Adding competitive intelligence to unified search and marketplace intelligence creates additional opportunities for marketers.

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Why Use GrowByData’s Search Intelligence?

GrowByData provides holistic search intelligence to agencies and brands that goes far beyond the siloed approach of traditional search intelligence tools. Unifying search intelligence with product intelligence and marketplace intelligence, while adding a competitive dimension, ensures the eCommerce marketer has complete visibility into the shopper journey across the digital shelf. Additionally, hyper-targeting shoppers based on their attributes, including down to the zip code and SKU levels, makes GrowByData’s search intelligence much more aligned to the dynamic nature of the shopper journey.

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