Case Study

A B2B Company was competing in an extremely competitive space. Our tool helped them identify opportunity keywords across the marketing funnels and identified striking distance keywords considering its current authoritative position and true SERP rank. The company leveraged its opportunities with strategic prioritization of striking keywords and tactical content to improve its Search Term Impressions, Share of Voice, Above-the-Fold SERP Rankings, Click Shares, and Lead Conversion across its marketing funnel.

And using our SERP Competitor Analytics, we helped the B2B client identify relevant strategic link-building opportunities to optimize their authority.

  1. With GrowByData SERP Competitor labeling, the client identified Aggregators and Publishers with good Share of Voice on their Keywords Landscape. Acquiring links on these websites helped improve the client’s ranking and secondary (referring) traffic.
  2. Identified top and emerging competitors in the SERP. The B2B SEO team also compared and identified referring domains and link gaps between competitors to identify more link-building platforms and opportunities.

Our data-backed strategic keywords, content, and link-building plan helped the B2B company’s SEO performance achieve the following improvements.

  • Increased Search Terms Growth from 1300 to 3800 i.e., 192% YoY Growth
  • 244% Increment in Impression Shares with content strategies driven by Competitive SERP Analytics
  • 212% Increase in Click Shares by optimizing Above-the-Fold visibility and True SERP Rankings
  • 255% YoY increase in Organic Sessions
  • 211% YoY increase in Organic Users
  • 194% Growth in Backlinking Referring Domain and 136% growth in referring traffic
  • 133% Increment in Organic Leads across the Marketing Funnel

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