Multi-dimensional, Automated Product Feeds Optimize Content across Channels

Unified visibility and insight into the shopper journey across every marketplace, competitive, Ad, and product dimension significantly improves eCommerce performance. But to truly optimize your performance, you need to close the loop between product data and all of those shopper touchpoints. GrowbyData’s automated product feeds close the loop by ensuring that the actionable insights you take syndicate the necessary product data across marketplaces and Ad platforms.

GrowByData’s Product Feeds solution processes millions of SKUs daily, giving you:

  • All product attributes – color, size, gender, brand, materials, case pack, promotion, and fulfillment, with support of GTIN and ASIN
  • Optimized titles with attributes located within product descriptions and images
  • Dynamic, flexible data management – support of one to one, or one to many updates throughout the entire hierarchy
  • Optimized parent/child SKU relationships, inserting correct category/sub-category to create high quality catalogs
  • Shared product uniqueness data like cheapest, not-cheapest, and only seller for customized advertising
  • Exported enriched data and supplemental feeds of eCommerce stores – Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce; marketplaces – Amazon, Walmart, and Target; and Ad channels – Google, Bing and Facebook

Don’t Reinvent the Loop, Complement Existing Feeds with more Data

GrowbyData’s Product Feeds supplement your existing feeds and make them better with the additional data that GrowByData’s Search, Marketplace, and Product Intelligence solutions provide. Enriched custom data feeds supplement your existing feeds with competitive price information and shopper attributes to optimize your Ad campaigns, SEO, and conversions. Using enriched, custom, competitive pricing data allows bids to be optimized, producing higher return-on-advertising spend (RoAS) and greater campaign ROI.


Product Feeds the GrowByData Way

  • Multidimensional, automated data feeds across eCommerce stores, marketplaces, and Ad channels
  • Use as a primary feed or supplement an existing one with enriched, multidimensional data
  • Import data from any source, including custom eCommerce stores, and standardize product data across catalogs
  • Proactively ensure performance and data integrity across Google Merchant Center, Amazon, other marketplaces, eCommerce stores, and Ad channels

Product Feeds Close the Loop.

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