The Challenge

The account team of this leading auto part and accessories retailer was struggling to find solutions or tools in the market that could provide holistic SERP data, insights, and professional services to optimize visibility, boost overall performance, and maximize ROI. The retailer generated 74% traffic from searches but also wanted to optimize their local store performances across the United States.

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Increase in Revenue

The Solution

The account team of this leading retailer giant received Holistic Search Explorer Dashboard providing visibility into both paid and organic true ad ranking and the competitive landscape across the regions. The account team identified budget-saving opportunities in many branded keywords as they had a strong organic presence on those keywords. In addition to that, they also understood the keywords that had a weaker presence in the SERP.
The team trimmed its ad budget from those branded keywords that were already performing well and invested in the underperforming keywords. This data-driven budget mobilization helped the team reallocate $55,000 of the ad budget they were spending on those branded keywords to other non-branded keywords and increased its ad campaign ROI by 20%. They implemented this in a few local markets in the United States and will soon mobilize this across all geolocations to boost their performance and increase their ROI.

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