What is Ad Intelligence and how can it help boost your Ad Performance?

What is Ad Intelligence and how can it help boost your Ad Performance?
Ramesh Karki | April 15, 2022
Ad Intelligence and How it Boosts Campaign Performance for Agencies and Brands- GrowByData

There is a rapid increase in advertising channels in the marketplace that are each pushing to win advertising dollars which makes it challenging for online retailers to stay on top and maximize value. Brands are having a difficult time gaining insight into their holistic ad performance across the marketplaces like Google, Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. Ad Intelligence Data gives digital marketing managers, merchandise managers, and ad agencies multi-dimensional granular level views in near real-time into your and your competitor’s ad quality, competitive pricing, promotions, and product content across all advertising platforms.

Ad Intelligence helps increase your ad impact and boosts your advertising campaign performance to maximize your ROAS.

The advertising landscape is ever-evolving. To keep up with it, Advertising Intelligence provides detailed competitive insights into the advertising activities and performance of your competitors across marketplaces and search engines. Being aware of your competitor’s activities across search and marketplaces allows you to make the right strategic decisions to improve your total eCommerce performance.

What is Ad Intelligence?

Ad intelligence allows brands to better understand their direct competitors with real-time, actionable insights that can influence their messaging, ad spending,  merchandising, and more. It is a software platform that tracks the advertising activities of brands. It provides visibility on how and where competitors spend their ad money by showing the sources of traffic helping you mobilize your advertising dollars effectively.

The Ad intelligence tool provides detailed insights into the advertising of any online business in near real-time. In other words, it’s a platform that provides unprecedented visibility on how and where your competitors spend ad money. It offers multi-dimensional data that you can utilize to gain visibility on your google ad campaign performance across various regions, time zones, and devices.

Why do Brands and Retailers need an Ad Intelligence?

One company can have its products on multiple platforms like Google Shopping, Amazon, Walmart, etc. at the same time. Evaluating their digital ad performance across these channels is extremely difficult without a third-party tool. A digital ad intelligence can bring the data from all the channels in near real-time and present your ad performance on one easy-to-read dashboard. This allows brands and retailers to analyze their ad performance to make the right decisions to win the competition. Having more data and insight into your ad performance across the channels also allows you to optimize your ROAS (return on ad spend) as you can compare your ROI across the ad platforms.

Features of a Good Ad Intelligence

A good ad intelligence enhances your digital advertising intelligence across marketplaces including Google, Amazon, Walmart, and more. It provides data that gives SEO and SEM managers near real-time granular visibility into the dimensions of your and your competitor’s advertising including ad quality, pricing, promotions, product content, and ad spend.

Digital advertising intelligence can track your strategic keywords and helps you answer questions as listed below. It is very difficult to answer these questions from the data provided by ad hosting platforms alone.

  • Major competitors and emerging competitors in your competitive landscape
  • Competitors’ advertising activities across marketplaces
  • Competitors’ products, prices, reviews, ratings, promotions
  • The ins and outs of competitors across regions, times, and devices
  • Your ad rank position and its variations over time

Benefits of Digital Ad Intelligence

Ad intelligence monitors the advertising campaigns of competitors, optimizes ad spend by providing ad revenue data, and also tracks key performance indicators of competitors like cost per impression (CPI) and click-through rate (CTR). Ad intelligence help brands run significant numbers of ads online to get the best return on their investment (ROI). It also tracks your strategic keywords and helps you answer questions regarding major competitors in your competitive landscape, the advertising activity of your competitors, competitors’ products, prices, and reviews and ratings, the ins, and outs of competitors across regions, times, and devices, your ad rank position, and its changes over time.

The insights coming from Ad Intelligence data give your business real results with the following benefits:

  1. Competitive Intelligence
  2. Improve Advertising Strategy
  3. Boost Online Advertising
  4. Covers All Ad Formats and Marketplaces
  5. Creates New Pricing Opportunities
  6. Capitalizes on Missed Ad Opportunities

1. Competitive Intelligence

The use of ad intelligence will enable you to outsmart the competition by helping you evaluate where your competitors are advertising, the ads they’re running, and how much they’re spending. Ad Intelligence provides in-depth visibility and overall analysis of your ad’s competitive landscape which helps you optimize your ads and boost your campaign performance. It also helps to understand the share of voice your competitors have on certain platforms by tracking and monitoring competitor market share, growth trends, and rank trends over time. These insights can be used to improve your ad strategy and make the most of the available advertising opportunities to compete more aggressively.

Competitive Ad Landscape - what is ad intelligence

2. Improve Advertising Strategy

Ad intelligence platform gives your brand real insights to be able to see how different channels, creatives, and placements perform. Those insights lead the brand to determine its digital advertising strategy, outsmart the competition, and produce the best possible results with the least possible ad spend. Ad Intelligence allows you to better understand the market share of voice of different brands in a category to protect your brand’s market position or capture a competitor’s share of the market.

3. Boost Online Advertising Performance

Digital Ad Intelligence allows you to know where and how many brands invest in Digital Advertising. It helps to find out about market participants and know about the ad contents of your and your competitors’ ads.  As shown in the image below, you can see the usage of all the promotions, extensions, and other ad contents for a product or query. Insights like this can be used to make the right decisions like adding more promotions or updating your titles and descriptions to boost your digital ad performance.

Use of ad extensions

4. Covers all Ad Formats and Marketplaces

Ad intelligence provides visibility across all SERP ad formats and marketplaces. SERP ad formats supported include organic, competitive paid search, google shopping ads, local ads, and display advertising. Similarly, advertising intelligence for Google, Amazon, Walmart, and others includes organic listings, sponsored display ads, editorial recommendations, and special programs like Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus. Agencies and brands get a holistic view of advertising across all ad formats, marketplaces, display ads, and more across geographies and devices. It helps to create a geo-targeted ad spend strategy with the ability to drill into ad spend reporting at a market level and to alter the share of spending by market based on the activity of competitors.

5. Creates New Pricing Opportunities

The granular competitive insights give pricing insights on prices being pushed by the competitors and price distribution of products with a specific competitor. With advertising intelligence, you can analyze promotional dimensions, including sales and other offers to empower your ads and find new pricing opportunities to gain an edge.

6. Capitalizes on Missed Ad Opportunities

You can find new advertising opportunities with advertising intelligence that indicates where products can be advertised across Google, Bing, and other marketplaces where competitors can be exploited. You can gain competitive insights into pricing, promotions, and availability that can be utilized to increase your sales. Ad intelligence allows comparing the effectiveness and presence of your brand across marketplaces and spot new opportunities where you can advertise your products.

Why use GrowByData Ad Intelligence?

GrowByData provides holistic marketing intelligence to agencies, brands, and retailers to create visibility into the shopper’s journey across the digital shelf. This holistic marketing intelligence encompasses advertising insights that span support of search intelligence across all SERP ad formats and marketplaces. With our tool, you will be able to discover the ads that perform best for your competitors, and agencies and brands can get full visibility into the effectiveness of their advertising and competition with respect to content, pricing, promotions, ratings, reviews, and more dimensions.

Shopping Ad Intelligence provides insights on the competitive landscape, pricing insights of competitors, and reports on various products being carried by the advertisers compared to yours and other competitors in the marketplaces. It also shows google shopping ad extensions being used in your category group and information on which google shopping ad extension is performing more. In addition to improving quality scores and ad rank; these insights on ad extensions can help advertisers understand when there is an inflow of new sales, price drops, or promotions on Google Shopping.

Our Ad intelligence platform provides insights from data that can be utilized to gain visibility in the following areas:

1. Ad Content Analysis

Ad intelligence tracks your top-ranked ad content so you can understand factors affecting ad impression and position. You can track and perform analysis of the factors like product title, product image, product price, review and rating, special promotions, tags & labels, and local inventory ads in various regions to optimize your ad content and improve your Ad Quality Score.

Wrangler's individual PDP attributes scores across channels

2. Keyword Identification

To gain ad visibility in the very competitive ad marketplace, it is imperative that you consistently analyze keywords. To optimize your ad campaign performance, you must analyze data to identify negative and opportunity keywords, which have less competition but good search volume. Ad intelligence gives you this unique data to identify keywords with better impressions, CTRs, and the average cost of sales (ACOS).

3. Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Violation Monitoring

Ad intelligence tracks map violations by collecting the price offered by sellers across multiple channels. You can track the product’s price and detect if a violation has occurred with GrowBydata Map Monitoring Software. You will have the evidence to report once a violation occurs.

Learn more: What is Map violation?


With quality advertising intelligence, you can take your advertising strategy to the next level and get ahead of the competition. The data provided by ad intelligence platforms can give brands incredible insight into their own advertising activities and the activities of competitors that give your brand’s digital advertising a powerful and significant competitive advantage. You can access proven strategies, tactics, and capabilities and use the strategic insight provided by Ad Intelligence platform data to take decisive strategically advantageous actions to win the competition. Ad Intelligence helps maximize your ad impact and boosts your advertising campaign performance which increases ROAS.

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