What does Ad Intelligence Do, and How Can It Enhance Your Ad Performance?

What does Ad Intelligence Do, and How Can It Enhance Your Ad Performance?
Ramesh Karki |
Ad Intelligence. How Advertising Intelligence tools Boost Ad Campaign Performance of Agencies and Brands-

In today’s volatile economy with decreasing consumer spending, retailers and brands need better insights into their advertising performance across major platforms like Google, Amazon, Walmart, and others. These are essential for staying ahead of the competition and maximizing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Ad Intelligence provides digital marketing managers, merchandising managers, and ad agencies with intelligence into their ads so they can understand why their ad performance is getting better or worse. With Ad Intelligence, you can see how your ads are performing against your competitors, track your Ads ROI, and make informed ad research based decisions to positively impact Google ad campaign performance. With rich ad intelligence, you gain visibility into competitive trends and your performance on the Google SERP page, Google Shopping ads, Google Text ads and others. Leading brands and agencies that use our products note that their Google adwords reports don’t offer this type of ads intelligence that is vital for them to deliver exceptional ROAS on their Google ad brand and non brand campaigns.

What is Ad Intelligence?

Ad Intelligence is the concept of using real-time data and insights into competitor advertising campaigns and optimizing various aspects to gain a competitive edge and increase Paid Ads Return on Ads. In addition to providing advertising performance results, Ad Intelligence provides granular data and visibility into competitors’ ad titles, pricing, promotions, special offers, discounts, shipping, reviews, ratings, rankings, etc. These are essential to understand rising and falling CTR.

When this information is rightly included in your Google advertising campaigns, these product details play a crucial role in the campaign’s total performance and boost the ad campaign’s ROAS.

Overall, Ad Intelligence is a capability under the GrowByData Search Intelligence Platform that provides multi-dimensional data on your ad campaign performance on Google text ads, Google Shopping ads, Amazon, Walmart and others, across various regions, time zones, and devices.

What is the importance of Ads Intelligence for brands and retailers?

To enhance digital marketing performance, brands and agencies need a comprehensive understanding of their and client’s advertising across formats, marketplaces, display ads, shopping ads, text ads, local map ads, and more. Analyzing performance across categories, locations, devices, and time periods enables the marketer to develop optimized strategies and improve results.

However, simply possessing a wealth of data is not enough. Marketing managers require carefully curated data that is presented in a straightforward manner, allowing them to make informed decisions. A robust Ads Intelligence platform and a partner serves as a valuable resource for brands, retailers, and agencies, to address pivotal questions that enhance the overall ad program’s performance across Google Shopping, Google Text Ads, Bing, Amazon, Walmart, and more.

Here are the six critical questions you want to answer:

  • Who are their main competitors in each marketplace, category, and region?
  • Which brands are emerging in your competitive landscape?
  • What are the special offers and promotional trends being used in your category?
  • Has your ad rank/position fluctuated over time?
  • Is your ad price competitive in comparison to your competitors?
  • What is the use of ad extensions like reviews, ratings, shipping, returns, etc. in your competitive landscape?

What benefits does Ad Intelligence offer Search Marketers?

Advertising Intelligence equips SEO and SEM managers with detailed data and insights on paid and organic ad visibility, competitive landscape, and shopper attribute trends. We increasingly hear from Paid Search practitioners that Google Ads reporting does not provide the granularity managers need to do their job well. Especially with the advent of new automation features from Google, search managers working in the Google ad platform have been challenged with the scarcity of Google Ads reports data. A robust Ad Intelligence tool provides unique features, absent from the standard Google and Bing advertising ads reports. The enhanced visibility from Ad Intelligence enables Search Marketers to make data-driven decisions and drive improvements in key areas, including:

  • Visibility across all SERP ad formats and marketplaces, geographies, and devices
  • Real-time Ads Trends & Fluctuations on Various Platforms
  • Monitor and Measure Share of Voice (SOV)
  • Visibility into Marketing 4Ps of Emerging Competitors
  • Brand insights to see how different channels, creatives and placements perform
  • Advertising opportunities to grow market share
  • Data-driven Ad Budget Mobilization tactics
  • Insights into eCommerce Shopper’s Journey

Ad Intelligence allows you to do ads research and gain real-time data and insights on following types of ad formats –

  • Text Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Local Ads
  • Local Map Ads
  • Display Ads

Here are some example applications of Ads Intelligence for SEO and SEM Managers.

Here are Ad Intelligence case studies that focus on maximizing CTR, and remobilizing ad budget –

  • Health Beauty Brand
    • Increase Clicks by 20%
    • 33% Reduction in Ad Spend
    • $52K Estimated Savings to Reallocate

How does Ad Intelligence help Marketers beyond Advertising?

With our GrowByData Ad Intelligence platform, marketers can access their competitors’ top-performing ads. This includes detailed information on the effectiveness of their advertising, and visibility into content, pricing, promotions, ratings, reviews, and more. This resource is valuable for both agencies and brands, providing a rich understanding of the competitive landscape. Additionally, the platform provides pricing insights and reports on the strategies employed by competitors’ advertisers that you can use to create different strategies and gain a competitive edge in the market.

The GrowByData Ad Intelligence platform offers insights into the usage and performance of Google shopping ad extensions within your category. By analyzing and thereby enhancing their ad extensions, advertisers can not only enhance their quality scores and ad rank but also gain a deeper understanding of sales trends, price fluctuations, and promotions on Google Shopping.

GrowByData’s Ads Intelligence platform allows you to do advertising research in the following areas:

1. Ad Content Analysis

Digital Ad Intelligence tracks and analyzes your top-ranked ad content, providing insights into factors influencing ad impressions and positions. It allows you to monitor and optimize various ranking factors, such as product title, image, price, reviews, promotions, tags, labels, and local inventory ads across regions. This helps optimize your ad content and improve your Ad Quality Score.

2. Keyword Identification

Consistently analyzing keywords is crucial for achieving ad visibility in the competitive marketplace. By utilizing ad intelligence, you can optimize your ad campaign’s performance through data analysis. This allows you to identify negative keywords to exclude and opportunity keywords with low competition but high search volume. Ad intelligence provides unique data that helps you identify keywords with improved impressions, click-through rates (CTRs), and average cost of sales (ACOS), enabling you to enhance your advertising strategy and achieve better results.

3. Competitive Intelligence

By leveraging ad intelligence, you can gain a strategic advantage over your competitors. It allows you to assess their advertising plans and spending, providing valuable insights. With in-depth visibility into the competitive landscape of your ads, you can optimize them effectively and enhance the performance of your campaigns. Moreover, ads intelligence helps you understand your competitors’ share of voice on specific platforms by tracking their market share, growth trends, and rank trends over time. Armed with these insights, you can refine your ad strategy, seize advertising opportunities, and compete more aggressively in the market.

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4.  New Pricing Opportunities

Advertising intelligence provides detailed competitive insights, including pricing information and product price distribution of your competitors. This valuable data allows you to analyze promotional dimensions and deals, such as sales and other offers, empowering your advertisements and helping you identify new pricing opportunities. By leveraging these insights, you can gain a competitive advantage in the market and optimize your pricing strategy to drive better results.

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5. Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Violation Monitoring

Ad intelligence platforms track map violations by assessing the prices offered by sellers across multiple channels. By using map monitoring software, you can monitor the prices of your products and identify any resellers that are violating your MAP pricing principles as they occur across sites. This equips you with the necessary evidence to report and take appropriate action against violators.

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Unique Insights that GrowByData provides

Let’s explore the range of ad insights you can obtain to do deep Advertising research with our Ad Intelligence tool.

1. Text Ad Insights

a. Visibility

This offers visibility into your Google text ads’ performance, including average rank, above-the-fold and below-the-fold visibility, ratings, and reviews. You can easily track your and competitors’ positions daily for any keywords and gain a comprehensive understanding of their ad strategies. You can understand competitor’s ad strategy as promotional, seasonal, pricing and others and how that is changing over time.

b. Opportunity

This view reveals  provides a comprehensive overview of your competitors’ text ads’ share of voice and your growth opportunities in areas such as –

  • Budget Saving Keywords
  • Keyword missing in text or shopping ads
  • Ad Strategies of Competitors in Text Ads

2. Google Shopping Ad Insights

a. Visibility

This ads report provides a detailed overview of your Google Shopping Ads campaigns,  including their performance and visibility score on :

  • Top products by category & keyword
  • Average Price
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Price drop or Sale Products
  • Use of the Free Shipping feature
  • Local Inventory Ads Availability
b. Merchandising

Ad intelligence’s other unique feature –  the Merchandising view of Shopping ads –  shows competitor’s use of sale annotations, shipping annotations, and local inventory ads. This Google shopping ad intelligence capability helps you do research on ratings and reviews by category, keyword, and visibility above or below the fold.


With advanced ad intelligence, you can elevate your advertising strategy and gain a competitive edge. The GrowByData Ad Intelligence tool provides valuable advertising research data that offers advertisers at brands and agencies deep insights into their advertising ecosystem. By using rich ad research data across the Google properties and other ad platforms, you can make differentiated ads, pricing and merchandising decisions to win conversion, gain exceptional Ad returns and outperform your competitors.