Ad Intelligence

As a Digital Marketing Manager, you want to understand your performance vs competitions’ ads, act on opportunities and excel in Paid Search.

Today, your hands may be tied with the lack of data Ad platforms share. You lack the data and control you want to excel in your game today. With Ad Intelligence, we provide unprecedented visibility of Google, Amazon and other Ad platforms and act as a Digital Assistant to help you fix Ad issues.

Get Greater Visibility
Increase Conversion
Improve ROI

Competitive Ad Intelligence

GrowByData’s proprietary Competitive Ad Intelligence provides Brands, Retailers and Agencies with key data points from across the web to help drive smarter eCommerce and Digital Marketing Strategies.

If you want to understand what your competitors are doing, and implement new ad optimization programs, our solution gives you the edge.
Our Competitive Ad Intelligence solution provides Brands & Retailers un-precedented visibility into their ad platforms at a local level on a near real-time basis. Brands utilize this to understand competitive dynamics and rapidly adjust their ad strategies. Our proprietary Data Acquisition Engine delivers high-quality data from popular advertising channels like Google, Amazon, and Walmart.

Improve Return On Investment
Our technology not only tracks your most important keywords, but also provides advanced alerting system that notifies you with issues. Our Ad Intelligence Alerts will tell you when you have the wrong product in a search or when you lose ad coverage on a strategic keyword.

Get Greater Visibility
Ad platforms don’t tell you the whole story. Our technology replicates what real users see by optimizing for dimensions like cross-device, multi-location, and multi-day. Our clients say they trust our data because it lines up to what they see when they search.
Competitive Ad Intelligence provides Brands and Retailers with a rich dataset that helps them understand their visibility to consumers and get better understanding of what their competitors are doing. Put simply, by providing visibility about your competitor’s ad coverage, average position, average pricing – you can craft a better strategy to drive success.