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Ad Intelligence gives digital marketing managers, merchandise managers, and ad agencies near real-time, multi-dimensional views, at the most granular levels, into competitive pricing, product, and advertising changes.

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Beat the competition with granular insights across Google text ads, PLA, and organic, filtering by top advertisers, products, and keywords across regions and devices - all in one report.

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Stop getting undercut by competitors and find new pricing opportunities. Beat them with granular insights that show the pricing distributions of products, or comparisons to a specific competitor. Analyze additional promotional dimensions, including sales and other offers.

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Ad Intelligence is data rich, right down to giving you access to the raw data that provides you with total control. Need more data visualization for your digital and merchandising teams, or clients? Choose the Ad Intelligence Control Panel or Amazon QuickSight to get competitive insights you can take action on immediately.

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Ad Intelligence uniquely surfaces sales opportunities not available elsewhere:

One musical instruments client realized 97% of their advertised products were significantly higher priced than their competitors. They were able to optimize their selection more frequently and improve conversion rates.
An online rugs retailer discovered an opportunity to increase sales and maintain profitability when one of their top three advertised products was priced eight times higher than their competitors.
A popular casual footwear brand realized that 45% of their ads overlapped with retail partners, creating unwanted competition and pushing cost-per-clicks up. The brand shifted to a more focused advertising strategy pushing nonoverlapping SKUs, increasing market share.
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