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Gain insights into the changing search engine results pages (SERPs) in the apparel industry. Track brands that are winning by capturing an increasing share of voice (SOV) in Google, broken down by SERP features. See which clothing brands are advertising on Google and how that is changing over time.

Apparel & Accessories Market

Top Advertisers

Amazon is the leader across organic and paid SOV in Apparel keywords. It has been leading this category by a huge margin. However, we notice SOV drop from July to Sept 2022 and moves sideways thereafter. It will be interesting to watch Amazon going into Q3 2023 to see if it picks up like 2022.

SERP Features Trend

Shopping Ads’ visibility in Apparel Google SERP dropped after the 2022 November Holiday season, picked up in Q1 2023 and is starting to drop again in Q2-2023.Popular products is taking over more and more real estate in Apparel SERP.

SERP Advertisers

Amazon led Organic, Popular Products, Text Ads and Shopping Ads features last month.


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