Five New Channels, New Ways to Get Even More Competitive Insight, Plus More Search, Product, and Marketplace Intelligence

Our Q2, 2021 platform release features many new innovations and enhancements that support more marketplaces, go deeper on competitive intelligence, and provide you with more unified intelligence across marketplaces, search, and product.

Take a look at our innovations in Product Detail Scoring, Competitive Labeling, and New Competitor Product Detection.

Marketplace Intelligence

Support for Five New Marketplaces:

  1. / Google Shopping Organic
  2. Alibaba
  3. eBay
  4. Etsy
  5. Instacart

Competitor Product Detection across Channels
With this new feature, a user can monitor and track new sellers, and their products, in the user’s categories across supported channels. Supported channels include Google – Sponsored Ads, / Google Shopping Organic, Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, Target, Etsy, eBay, and Instacart.

Zip Code-Level Targeting Added to Amazon, Walmart and Target
We are now able to collect data down to U.S. zip codes for Amazon, Walmart and Target (Google previously supported). This ability to collect data from a specific location gives granular insights into the competition and your performance.

Google Shopping Promotional Alerts
With this new feature, a user can understand when there’s an influx of new sales, price drops or promotions in Google Shopping. This feature is of particular importance in competitive categories and during seasonal periods.

Support for Amazon Display Ads
We added support for monitoring and tracking Amazon Display Ads as part of our Marketplace Intelligence solution. You can now get deeper competitive insights in the Amazon marketplace that now includes display ads.

Search Intelligence

Competitive Labeling
To support an infinite amount of competitive grouping approaches, we have built competitive labeling capabilities so users can categorize their competitors (for example- top competitors, brick & mortar vs pure play, regional vs national, enterprise vs mid-market) to get visibility into how you’re performing within a specific competitive category.

Google Holistic Ad Format Alerts
Savvy marketers know that Google’s search results are always changing. With this new feature, a user can configure an alert to understand what SERP changes could impact performance (for example – removing PLA, increasing the number of PLA ads visible).

Product Intelligence

Product Detail Page (PDP) Scoring
The Product Detail Page (PDP) score analysis now covers the PDP pages of Amazon, Walmart, and Target showing product content optimization opportunities to maximize search visibility and shopper conversions on these platforms. Our proprietary scoring algorithm analyzes each product page attribute (i.e. – title, image, bullets) to help brands seamlessly understand what products and attributes they should focus on to improve performance.

1P and 3P Support for Amazon Product Detail Pages
Product Intelligence is now capable of identifying Amazon 1P Vs 3P sellers alongside current buy box winners. This very useful information can be used to strategize competitive product advertising, pricing, demand, delivery, and experience quality on Amazon.

Active Competitor’s Product Price URLs
GrowByData Competitive Price Intelligence solution is not only a competitor price monitoring tool but it is also capable of automatically discovering new competitor URLs matched at the variant level. This latest release includes enhancements to competitor URL management, enabling users to easily export new / active competitor URLs in CSV flat files. It makes it convenient for users to analyze or import the files to external platforms. Previously, the export feature was limited to inactive / rejected competitor URLs.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these new enhancements, please reach out to your Account Manager or