SERP Insights

Understand SERP layouts & fluctuations impacting your Organic CTR with granular insights across all SERP Formats. Track new and old formats gaining popularity.


True Rank Tracking

Understand your True rank considering all elements in the SERP and also analyze your ad impressions by Above the fold or Below the fold position.


Keyword Opportunity

Get insights into your striking distance keywords to acquire more clicks and understand SEO opportunities for total search budget optimization.


Strategic SERP Analytics – Insights into SERP layouts & Features

Monitor SERP layouts by Keywords Intent, Geo-Location, Device, and Category. Deep dive into emerging search formats to optimize and prioritize your content strategies. Track granular fluctuations like shifts in ad location, position, size, ad contents, and competitions with SEO Intelligence to identify factors impacting your overall CTR.

Identify Keywords that the SEM team should target. And get insights into striking distance and search budget optimizer keywords that should be focused on by the SEO team. Analyze content gaps in the SERP to improve customer experience and win more traffic across your marketing funnel.

Unprecedented Competitive Intelligence for SEO

Benchmark and monitor your versus Competitors’ organic SOV across SERP Features. Understand Competitor’s SEO Content Strategy and Tactics. Get insights into SERP intent & content opportunity with holistic Competitive SEO analytics to understand faster gateway to above-the-fold real estate in the SERP.

Segment your SERP competition by aggregators, publishers, and competitors. Prioritize your link- building campaigns to get backlinks from aggregators and publishers already winning important SERP spaces to get secondary traffic and strong link juice for the keywords.


Monitor Local SEO

Analyze keywords with local intent aside from keywords with local phrases and monitor yours versus Competitor’s Share of Voice in targeted Geo-Location matched up to the zip-code level.

Optimize your keywords relevancy in Google My Business profile to get ranked in Google’s Local 3-Pack. Also improve your webpages and local directories to get edge with your local presence and win spot in other organic SERP features as well. Direct your link-building team to optimize the authority score to beat your local competitions.

Audit International SEO Targeting

Understand International SERP nuances to fine tune your international SEO targeting in english and non-english languages. Monitor Top and Emerging International Competitors across the countries winning SERP spaces and tactics they implement.

Monitor your international SEO targeting activities. Audit your TLDs and LANGHREF URLs to track their visibility & rankings in the respective targeted Country.


All-On-One SEO intelligence

Unprecedented Competitive SEO Intelligence not available elsewhere
  • SERP Watch & Analytics
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Keyword Intelligence
  • Total Search Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Rank Tracking
  • Local SEO
  • Global SEO
  • Mobile SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Intelligence is an advanced holistic SEO tactic that provides deep visibility into organic SERP dynamics, and competitive landscape across Geo-locations. As an SEO manager, you can better optimize factors impacting your Organic Ads Performance by utilizing SERP and competitive insights.

SEO intelligence is collected and analyzed through an SEO intelligence tool. However, SEO intelligence is most effectively used as part of a search intelligence strategy. When used holistically with search intelligence platform, SEO intelligence provides end-to-end insight across all SERP components, text ads, display ads, shopping, local ads, and organic. Consumers almost always take holistic shopper journeys and search for products across all SERP components. However, SEO intelligence is very effective at providing insight into organic searches, which most often provides brands with credibility and trust through third-party reviews that consumers frequently search.

1. SEO Intelligence Tools and Search Intelligence

All SEO intelligence tools support developing keyword strategies and the necessary functionality to support paid and organic campaigns. This functionality includes organic and PPC keyword research, rank tracking, link building, competitor SEO visibility, and on-page and local SEO analysis. However, SEO intelligence tools by themselves do not provide search intelligence. Search intelligence examines the shopper journey across all end-to-end SERP components. But it also combines competitive intelligence, shopper attributes collected from searches, and visibility through search intelligence. This is unified with product intelligence and marketplace intelligence to provide complete insight into the entire shopper journey across the digital shelf.

2. Unified with Product Intelligence and Marketplace Intelligence

When search intelligence is unified with product intelligence and marketplace intelligence, eCommerce marketers gain further advantage to understand how to optimize product pages most effectively across marketplaces to create buying experiences that optimize sales. For example, eCommerce marketers can get holistic visibility down to the SKU level of what searches drove purchase decisions, competitive intelligence on content, price promotions, and fulfillment, and share-of-voice across and within marketplaces.

GrowByData goes beyond tactical insights that are available in existing SEO tools and provides SEO intelligence that is holistic with search intelligence.

Marketers may start with GrowByData’s search intelligence, and based on needs, add unified visibility with product and marketing tools.

GrowByData’s search intelligence includes the availability of shopper attributes and insights custom to your business. These insights are extremely useful to create a better content strategy, improve SEO ranking, and increase your CTR Performance.

Competitive SEO analysis is the process of monitoring, tracking, analyzing, and comparing your vs competitor’s ad content, rank, relevancy, and authoritative scores to identify striking distance opportunities and help strategize your Organic Strategy in perfect coordination with your Paid Ad Strategies.

Learn more about SEO analysis in our article on “Complete Guide to Competitive SERP Analysis

We can track thousands of keywords on your desired search engines. This keyword-tracking software helps you to understand how a competitor is ranking on each SERP feature with a customized Google Data Studios Dashboard.

We monitor keyword ranking in Google, Baidu, and Bing.

Yes, we provide SEO Intelligence for Marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more.