Boost Google Ads Campaign Performance with Ad Intelligence

Boost Google Ads Campaign Performance with Ad Intelligence
Ramesh Karki |
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Google Ads Campaign Optimization requires continuous monitoring and comprehensive analysis of ads data. Ad platforms like Google offer features and guidelines for budget controlling and cost optimization via metrics such as Ads Rank, Ads Rank Thresholds, and Quality scores by keyword/search term. The ad specialist utilizes these metrics to improve Ads Impression, Click-Through Rates (CTR), and Average Cost of Sales (ACOS). However, data provided by Google is inadequate and lacks visibility on competitors and their Ads contents like Title, Landing URL, Price and Ads extensions like Review & Ratings, Shipping Labels, and various TAGs. Higher the quality of these ad contents, better the quality scores and lower the advertising cost. Hence it is vital to have this insight.

Ad Intelligence gives detailed visibility from collected PLA SERP data to uncover factors that can improve Google Ads Rank and Quality Scores.

GrowByData Search Intelligence solution provides ads a competitive landscape with in-depth visibility on competitors’ ad content. This offers unprecedented visibility to an ads specialist to boost Google Ads campaign Optimization process.

How does Google decide on Ad Position?

Per Google “Ad Rank is a value used to determine your ad position (where ads are shown on a page relative to other ads) and whether your ads will show at all”. This rank is calculated from your max bid amount and factors such as ad quality, expected CTR, the context of searches like location, device, time of the search, other ads, search results, user signals/attributes, nature of search terms, landing page experience, position, competitiveness, expected impact of ads extensions and others.

How does Google calculate the actual cost per click?

Google calculates the actual cost per click based on Quality Score  &  Ad Rank. This implies that you can spend less on CPC to win First Rank Position. The actual CPC Advertiser’s ranking for the keywords is calculated as:

Your Price = The Ads Rank Of The Advertiser Below You/ Your Quality Score + 0.01

top keyword ad rank, bid value, actual cpc

The metrics provided by Google are vague and lack the details required by ads specialists to boost Ad Performance.

How can advertisers benefit from Ad Intelligence?

The analytics gives detailed visibility from collected Ads SERP data to uncover factors that can improve Ads Rank and Quality Scores. This data enables Ad specialists to analyze competitors, the content of top-ranked ads, competitive prices and ad spots, and find opportunity keywords for campaigns. It provides a comprehensive analytical view for google ads campaign optimization as shown in the overview below.

Analyze Competitors

Search Ad Intelligence reveals your competitor’s assortments by keyword and landing pages by search location, time, search devices, Ad Rank, and Prices. Ad specialists can understand competitor dynamics and incorporate them into their Ad optimization process.

Below we present the competitive analysis of popular keywords in the Health &  Beauty category.

Top competitors based on Region, keywords, first ads position

Analyze Ad Content

Ad Intelligence reveals quality ads content and format by keywords. Advertisers can analyze the top-ranked ad content, understand factors affecting Google ad impression and position, and optimize content to improve ad quality score and rank.

google ad content analysis
Track Ad Availability and Depth

Online Advertising Intelligence alerts on availability/unavailability of the ad, change in ad rank, and ad content. The analytics also detects when multiple Google Product Listing Ads from the same advertiser are shown for the same search term. This can be used to minimize self-competition, which leads to higher bids.

Ad Availability and Depth Analysis

Analyze Competitive Prices

Price is an important factor influencing Click-through rate and conversions. The price of the product competing for the search term should be optimum. Price outlier detection is crucial to improve CTR. Ad intelligence enables ad surveillance & triggers price outlier alerts.

competitor product price analysis
Find Opportunity Keywords

This is key to the success of manual ad campaigns. Our Competitive Advertising Intelligence finds you relevant opportunity keywords with high search volume but low competition.

Efficient Google ad campaigns largely depend on ad quality. Ad analytics provides you with information to optimize Google ad content and improve impression and CTR. As ads start converting, you are further rewarded with a good relevancy score, which amplifies your optimization process exponentially.