Google I/O 2024: Transforming Search with Generative AI in SGE

Google I/O 2024: Transforming Search with Generative AI in SGE
Deepti Bhattarai |
Google IO Generative AI-SGE

At its recent developer conference, Google I/O 2024, the company announced significant upgrades to its Google AI Overview. This technology leverages the power of cutting-edge generative AI to reshape how users interact with search results fundamentally. By seamlessly integrating this AI, Google aims to create a more natural and intuitive search experience, fostering a conversational flow and providing deeper insights.

These advancements offer exciting opportunities and challenges for marketers. Google’s SGE promises increased visibility and brand awareness but requires adapting strategies to an evolving search landscape. This may mean focusing more on user intent and leveraging generative AI’s strengths.

GrowByData’s Analysis of SGE

To uncover the full potential of this game-changing technology, GrowByData conducted an extensive analysis using our Google SGE Tool across various industries. Our focus on this article is to uncover trends in the “running shoes” keywords. We got the data from our monitoring of Google SERP and AI Overviews results daily. This study revealed notable trends in how Google is revealing information on shoes within the Google AI Overview section within SGE.

Key Findings from Our Study Using data from our Google SGE Tool

SGE Presence in SERPs:

Our analysis of “running shoes” search terms revealed that “AI Overviews” appeared in approximately 79% of Google search results. Notably, around 93% of these SGE results were prominently positioned above traditional SERPs, ensuring they were visible above the fold.

To investigate the visibility of Google Ads within SGE, we monitored their placement over an extended period. We did not detect any ads within the Google AI Overview section. For ads outside SGE, we found that 5% appeared above SGE in search results, while 18% appeared below.

We continue to analyze the presence of ads around these new AI overview experiences and it will be interesting to see how ads will evolve.

Google Search Generative Experience SGE Ads

Changes in SGE SERP Composition

We observed rapid changes in SGE composition over extended periods. As of April 15, single-word brand searches like “Hoka” produced product results, while “Nike” yielded local store results. However, over time we saw Hoka product details change. This shift showcased how Google is constantly varying what it is showing within SGE. On the day of and after the Google IO event, we were not finding SGE listings on keywords we were finding SGE listings. So, Google is making changes within SGE and testing what keywords to selecting display SGE AI Overview results.

Analyzing SGE SERP in Retail

Retailers who optimized their content for Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) saw a 25% increase in click-through rates compared to traditional search results. This shows that optimizing for SGE is effective in attracting more user engagement and boosting conversions

Publishers as Key Beneficiaries

Publishers received 86% of the link visibility in Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), surpassing both retailers and brands. This is a significant shift from traditional Google search results, where publishers typically have a much lower presence.

sov distribution of links SGE-2 - dominated by publishers

The increased visibility in SGE has led to a notable 15% boost in brand awareness among consumers. Additionally, there has been a 10% rise in purchase intent for products featured in SGE results. This demonstrates the substantial impact of SGE on consumer behavior and the benefits for publishers in terms of increased exposure and engagement. The shift highlights the importance for publishers to optimize their content for SGE to capitalize on these opportunities.

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Predictive Analytics and Video Ads

Predictive analytics suggest a 30% increase in video ad units within SGE by 2025, revolutionizing digital advertising strategies and offering new opportunities for marketers. We haven’t detected videos in our “Shoes” keyword searches. However, we have detected video listings in the “Outdoor Garden” keyword searches in the Google AI Overviews section. Google may be testing and slowly rolling out visual elements like videos within SGE.

Retailer Distribution inside SGE:

Google promotes a more even distribution of product listings in Google Search Generative Experience compared to traditional SERPs. This leveling of the playing field reduces Amazon’s dominance and offers direct brands like Brooks and Hoka more visibility, enabling consumers to explore brands and directly connect to their websites. This means that brands that appear will increasingly get mindshare and share of wallet amongst buyers. We found retailers like Zappos and Foot Locker also gain more exposure in this diversified retail mix.


The integration of Generative AI into Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) not only enhances the search experience for users but also offers significant benefits for brands and retailers. Users can get comprehensive summaries without needing to click on multiple websites, thanks to the efficient Google AI overview.

However, a downside is the reported decrease in clicks to individual domains. Despite this, brands that optimize their content for SGE can achieve higher visibility, increased user engagement, and improved conversion rates. As SGE continues to evolve, brands that adapt and experiment with these trends will stay ahead of the curve and maximize the opportunities available, boosting their digital marketing efforts in the AI-driven landscape.

At GrowByData, we remain committed to analyzing and optimizing these advancements in Google AI and Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) using our Google SGE Tool. This helps our clients understand and maximize opportunities to succeed in the new world of Google AI in search.

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