Competitive Pricing is the solution

  • “Price” is a key factor for winning the coveted Amazon Buy Box. We discovered it also has a big impact on Google Product Ad performance as well.
  • We monitored price data for three Google advertisers for three months.
  • We compared changes in price competitiveness for individual SKUs to performance metrics.

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Being “cheapest” on a SKU yielded

16% Lower CPC
30% Higher Conversions

Key Takeaways

  • Google Marketers can take advantage of lower cost per click (CPC) to increase bids on “cheapest” products and maximize Return on Ads.
  • Pricing analysts can use this competitive data to optimally drop prices on expensive products and increase sales.
  • Our research shows that correctly lowering prices increases sales and profits.

Why GrowByData?

  • We help agency partners turn novel competitive insights into better campaign performance. Agencies use our data to act within their internal systems and provide reports to campaign managers and clients.
  • We combine this data with our Feeds product to automatically create custom labels in a merchant’s product feed based on competitiveness, and then align this data with timely campaign tactics.
  • We generate insights that provide price reduction recommendations and design the process of adjusting prices quickly and easily by setting up custom rules and e-commerce cart integrations.

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