What is the Best Day Of the Week to Buy Earrings, Necklaces & Rings Online?

What is the Best Day Of the Week to Buy Earrings, Necklaces & Rings Online?
Sagun Shrestha |
Best day to buy earrings,necklaces,rings online

As promised in our previous article, “The Best Day to Buy Charms, Pendants and Bracelets Online,” we’re back again with our final version of a segmented analysis on the best day to buy jewelry online. In this version, we’re covering three more categories to find the best day to buy each based on the number of price changes and to provide you with information on whether the prices are dropping or rising.


There’s no doubt that Monday is on top when it comes to price competitiveness in all jewelry categories. For earrings, the story’s no different — 37 % of the overall price change occurs on Mondays. Additionally, prices are lowered the most on Mondays based on our analytics.

Earrings price change

In contrast, earring prices are raised more than lowered on Wednesdays and Thursdays. So, besides these two days, you can find the best deals on earrings throughout the week with your chances of finding the very best on Mondays.

Earrings Price changes

Monday is on Top when it comes to Price Competitiveness in all Jewelry Categories.


Monday may be a good day to buy earrings, but data for necklace sales reveals a more detailed story. Like with earrings, Monday is the most price-competitive day for necklaces. But unlike earrings, necklace prices tend to rise rather than lower on Mondays.

Necklace Price Change

Only Tuesdays and Fridays tend to see prices lowered more than raised, but Mondays still have a stronghold on the overall percentage of prices being lowered. With this in mind, Mondays still may be the best day to buy necklaces online.

necklaces price changes percentage


At this point, we aren’t surprised to find that Monday is a favorable day to buy rings too, with it being both the best day for price changes and the best day for lowered prices.

rings price changes

However, you may want to be more alert if you’re buying rings on Wednesdays, as prices tend to spike rather than lower in the middle of the week. Otherwise, if you are vigilant, you may get the best deal on rings throughout the week as the gap between price lowered versus raised is minimal.

price changes percentage in rings

Although different categories have minor differences in terms of the best day to buy, our Product Data analysis with data from Pricing Intelligence Software shows that Mondays tend to be the day with the most fluctuation in price, whether up or down. If you’re eyeing a specific piece of jewelry, your best bet would be to monitor it for a couple of weeks and check in on Mondays to see if the price rises or drops