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As an eCommerce digital advertising manager, you need to go beyond auction reports provided by eCommerce platforms like Google and Amazon to understand the total search dynamics impacting your advertising campaigns.

With GrowByData’s granular ad data analytics, our clients are understanding holistic marketing insights, SERP volatilities, true ad positions, competitive landscapes, shopper attributes and other factors to optimize their shopper experience to boost sales conversions.

Monitor Online Share of Voice

Measure Your and Competitors’ Online Share of Voice by geo-targeted locations, search devices, organic and paid search features, product categories, and other customized dimensions.

Get prescriptive insights into factors influencing holistic digital ad campaign’s ROAS to optimize your customer experience and boost online Share of Voice with no extra dollar spend.

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find pricing opportunities with ads granular insights

Dominate across Competitive Landscape

Get visibility into Marketing 4Ps of your Top and Emerging Competitors. Optimize your holistic product marketing strategies to dominate across the digital shelves.

Competitive Advertising Intelligence solution provides insights to optimize product titles, auction pricing, merchandizing, promotional and shipping intelligence, and other ad contents to match your shopper’s intent better than competitors and win more sales.

Also ensure MAP and Affiliate Compliance across the paid search to protect brand value and revenue churns.

Maximize Paid Search ROAS

Find opportunities to win more market shares and apply tactics to optimize your shopper experience to boost ad visibility, clicks, and conversions with hyper-optimized ad budgets. Also, collaborate across the search team for data-backed budget mobilization tactics to maximize your search advertising ROAS.

GrowByData Competitive Advertising Intelligence tool integrated with competitive pricing intelligence and marketplace intelligence provides insights into product competitiveness across the complex eCommerce Shopper’s Journey, product availability, and orchestrate advertising, pricing, promotions, inventories, and merchandizing strategies to boost total sales revenue.

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Ad Intelligence uniquely surfaces sales opportunities not available elsewhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising Intelligence data gives digital marketing, SEO and SEM managers at ad agencies and brands near real-time multi-dimensional insights into your vs your competitor’s advertising. This includes ad titles, pricing, promotions, shipping, local inventory ads, reviews, rankings, product content and more. Ad intelligence boosts your total performance by enhancing your digital advertising across Google search and Bing search and marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and more.

Ad Intelligence across all Ad Formats and Marketplaces
Advertising intelligence provides visibility across all SERP ad formats and marketplaces. SERP ad formats supported include organic, people also ask, competitive paid search, shopping ads, local ads, and display advertising. Similarly, advertising intelligence for Google, Amazon, Walmart and others includes organic listings, sponsored display ads, editorial recommendations, and special programs like Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus. Agencies and brands get a holistic view of advertising across all ad formats, marketplaces, display ads and more across geographies and devices.

Advertising Intelligence to improve your customer experience
With GrowByData competitive ad intelligence orchestrate your holistic search strategies and optimize your customer experience across the shopper’s intent. Optimize your product experience to stand out across the shopping ads to maximize visibility, clicks and conversions.

Advertising Intelligence Creates New Pricing Opportunities
Find new pricing opportunities with advertising intelligence, while slowing competitors from getting an edge. Granular competitive ad Intelligence insights show pricing distributions of products, and comparisons with a specific competitor. Analyze promotional dimensions, including sales and other offers to empower your ads.

Ad Intelligence Capitalizes on Missed Ad Opportunities

Find new advertising opportunities with advertising intelligence that flags where products can be advertised across Google, Bing and marketplaces where competitors can be exploited across locations. Act on competitive weakness in pricing, promotions, shipping and availability to increase sales. Compare the effectiveness and presence of your brand across marketplaces, and spot new opportunities to advertise products or reduce advertising when your visibility is saturated.

Advertising Intelligence in Real-time
Ad intelligence is available in real-time to give you insights you need to take competitive action immediately. Online advertising competitive intelligence tools are data-rich with multi-segment business labels and give you actionable tips to help you maximize performance. Ad intelligence reporting is also designed to provide flexibility and the customization you need, whether through a single report or through your business intelligence tool of choice, including Google Data Studio, Tableau, or Amazon Quick Sight.

GrowByData provides holistic marketing intelligence to agencies, brands and retailers to offer visibility into the shopper’s journey across the digital shelf. This holistic marketing intelligence encompasses advertising intelligence that spans support of search intelligence across all SERP ad formats and marketplaces. Agencies and brands can get full visibility into the effectiveness of their advertising vs competition with respect to content, pricing, promotions, ratings, reviews and more at a by geography to hyper-optimize and localize their tactics.

A Digital shelf is an online version of how and where a particular brand’s products are shown online. Shoppers use the digital shelf to surf, find, compare, and purchase the products. It is all the places the digital shopper interacts with your products online. This can be everything from search engine platforms like Google and Bing, to marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, brand websites, social media sites, review sites, category pages, product pages, etc.

The online share of voice is measure of your brand, product, and services popularity or visibility in online channels

The Shoppers Experience is how your brand, product and services are encountered by customers in digital shelf. It plays most important aspect in your customer busying decisions. The optimizing your shopper experience basically implies matching your product experience with the shopper intents.

The product attributes like gender, color, brand, materials, MPN etc., words like best, cheap, sale and any adjectives that customer uses to find exact product in digital shelf is called Shoppers Attributes. These attributes optimized in your digital display help your customer to pick your product from the digital shelf.