We care about our community

We are a global company. Our leadership and business development teams are in Boston while our product and delivery teams are in Kathmandu. We are engineers, analysts, data scientists, storytellers and more and we take pride in our work and our community. We come together to support our community during times of natural calamities. We support a long-standing women’s cooperative, a street children support group, a HIV infected children's school and more. We train government school teachers on how to use computers and data. We are training the college level youth on how to utilize data and lots more.

We support our customers and opportunities with growth


At GrowByData, we firmly believe that one of the most effective ways to support a developing society is by giving employment opportunities to talented and capable citizens.

We tap into the energy, power and intellect of educated youth in the developing market. These individuals are computer savvy and connected to the world wide web. They converse with their friends and families globally using their smart phones. They learn the latest computer science techniques from open source learning platforms. They have the desire and hunger to be world class.

We recruit, mentor and coach these individuals to deliver high value data to our customers and partners. The returns are immense. Our clients and partners benefit by the access to a new talent pool and seeing ROI. The talented individuals benefit from the opportunities to do world class work for leading brands around the world. The developing market benefits as the youth as educated, working and contributing to build the society. This is change.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe in giving back to our community. We are proud of our Corporate Social Responsibility events in which our colleagues match our corporate contributions and provide financial and physical support to those in need. We increasingly believe that CSR should be sustainable and are increasingly focused in such initiatives.

Here are some of our CSR activities:

Rebuilding Nepal Together

On April 25th, 2015, Nepal experienced the first of a series of devastating earthquakes. With help from our global community, GrowByData team members worked to help recover and rebuild. Read our 2015 Activity Report here, and contact us at for further information on our local initiatives.