Data Exchange

Full-service product information
management solution powered by people


We take away the pain of managing your
product information.

Sophisticated PIM software You get our proprietary database
software - one central place to
manage your product data.
Fully-integrated We intregrate our software with
your website, marketplaces,
and key vendors.
Premium data services Includes data entry, data enrichment,
and data analysis. We create custom
processes just for you.
One source for all of your product data

One source for all of your product data

Centralize your product dataCentralize your product data Sync your data in a central location with the Data Exchange, our proprietary product information manager (PIM).
Collaborate to improve dataCollaborate to improve data Your internal team and partners like
GrowByData can collaborate to
improve your product data.
Custom ProcessesSynchronize your data Push rich data to all platforms,
including your website, Google,
Amazon, and others.
Put premium data services to work for you

Put premium data services to work for you

Add new products quicklyAdd new products quickly Combine automated data
techniques and manual research to
add products on all your platforms.
Boost marketing dataBoost marketing data Increase organic search rankings
by adding rich attributes and clean
images to your product pages.
Compare your pricesCompare your prices Maximize profits by comparing
your prices to competitors' on
Google and Amazon.
Discover popular productsDiscover popular products Analyze data from competitors,
vendors, and social media to
discover the most popular products.
Create compelling bundlesCreate compelling bundles Grow average order value by using
data science to create compelling
product kits and bundles.
Do more with less

Do more with less

Virtually extend your teamVirtually extend your team Partner with data scientists, data
engineers, and data entry specialists.
Turn your data into profit Turn your data into profit Get custom, automated processes
and guidance.
Free your timeFree your time Leave the tactical management of
your catalog to us.

Schuler Shoes added rich product detail
to 16,000+ products in just 5 months


“Managing the expansion of data and utilizing it
in all areas of our Magento catalog was a big job,
especially as new vendors and products were added.
We collected some data from our partners,
but could not process it all because
we were doing everything manually.”