Data Feed Labels

Upgrade your Google Product Ad performance by
prioritizing budget to SKUs with the best chance to convert. Utilize the enriched product data feed labels to optimize your Ad campaigns. This solution is part of our Competitor Price Intelligence Software.

Add custom labels based
on price competitiveness
Learn how price
impacts your RoAS
Boost ROI using Google
Bid Multipliers
How It Works

GrowByData tracks your prices compared to relevant competitors


Custom labels are submitted to Google Merchant Center

(automatically supplementing your current feed)

SKU Custom Label
Acme-1241b-XXL Cheapest
Acme-1241b-XL Not Cheapest

Your PPC Manager configures “Bid Multipliers” in Google Ads

If custom label = Not Cheapest:
You get...
  • Better Results

    Return on ad spend sky-rockets when your price is best.

  • More Insight

    See how price competitiveness impacts all performance metrics

  • Immediate ROI

    Finally, a campaign automation that delivers results quickly.