Holistic Search Explorer Press Release

Marketing Intelligence Firm, GrowByData, LLC. Launches New, Holistic Search Explorer
to Lead Next Generation of Search Marketing

Boston, MA, 27th April 2022 – GrowByData, a leader in eCommerce marketing intelligence technology, has launched new capabilities showing unprecedented, integrated views of holistic search for Google for agency and in-house search marketers to boost their return on ad spend and sales while gaining visibility to beat their competition.

“Although the concept of holistic/integrated Search Marketing has been around for years, today’s marketers don’t have access to the right data to make a truly integrated search campaign across Organic and Paid Search,” said Founder Prasanna Dhungel. “Our goal is to make this dream a reality and our first step towards that is Holistic Search Explorer.” Using the latest deep data indexing techniques, Holistic Search Explorer delivers unprecedented views into SERP dynamics. Never before have marketers been able to identify new SERP features, see their competitive position at a market, category or keyword level and also realize cost savings across Organic and Paid Search all with a single partner.

To identify new SERP features and understand how often these features are being shown, SEO marketers can benefit from “SERP Trends.” This capability helped enable one client to identify that SERP feature, Google Popular Products increased 6X between Q4-21 and Q1-22. This led the client to focus on optimizing their Google Shopping Organic listings to improve their visibility in this emerging SERP feature.

Another client noticed that Google was pushing People Also Ask when shopping ads were slow. We showcased to a luxury home brand that while they were spending on Google shopping ads they were visible above the fold, but when shopping ad spend went down, Google replaced shopping Ads with People Also Ask. The client was nowhere visible on people also ask, which was an area to improve for the SEO team. This was a tip to their SEO team to optimize content to appear on People Also Ask.

With macroeconomic forces putting pressure on consumer spending, marketers may also follow suit and look for new effective ways to drive more profitability in their Search campaigns. One of the most popular features in Holistic Search Explorer is “Budget Saving Opportunities,” which shows the keywords a client appears organically for, showing which keywords they can trim the budget for on paid text ads since they already have an organic presence.

Additionally, Holistic Search Explorer allows marketers to view “Growth Opportunities”, where their campaigns lack Organic and Text Ad visibility for certain keywords, allowing them to reallocate text ad spend for these keywords, to see the biggest boost in visibility against their competition.

Holistic Search Explorer has already made an impact on marketers, including an SEO expert from one of the top 5 agency holding companies, said, “Gaining granular insights in a holistic way for our clients, saving us hours of reporting time. GrowByData’s capabilities allow me to get competitive insights, understand SERP trends, and surface needle-moving opportunities all in one experience. No other service on the market can do this and we absolutely couldn’t do this ourselves, without this type of automation.”

Early adopters of the dashboard have already expressed their admiration for the innovative product, “I really do like this a lot. I think it’s going to bridge the gap for a lot of those people who are feeling overwhelmed with the dashboards. I like that we have striking distance callouts and optimization opportunities”.

This dashboard is a lot better visually, surfacing opportunities that the marketer can act on.

The software provides agencies with the tools to give their clients a competitive edge with Share of Voice visibility at a SERP level.

Media Contact: Jillian Sabina
Title: Director of Marketing, GrowByData
Email: jsabina@growbydata.com
Phone: 978-223-3471