Press Release – GrowByData Recognized in AI-Integrated Search Engine Report


BOSTON, February 5, 2024

GrowByData, a leading marketing and strategic consulting firm, was interviewed for Forrester’s December 2023 report –
” How To Talk To Your AI-Integrated Search Engine.”

The report provides an overview of how “Generative AI (genAI) turns search into a channel that not only harvests demand but also generates it. Marketers must adapt their search marketing approach, objectives, and metrics accordingly — and quickly. This report describes search engines’ AI-powered transformation and helps marketers understand how to drive results through quality data and content, not clicks.”

In the report, GrowByData Managing Partner, Prasanna Dhungel, is quoted about the role of Conversational Search in fostering “upfront discovery and deep personalization.”

We believe being interviewed for and quoted in Forrester’s report is a testament to GrowByData’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in navigating the dynamic AI search landscape” states Mr. Dhungel. “The future of users adopting AI-generated search relies on employing Conversational Search to enable users to seamlessly discover information and personalize their experiences.

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“How To Talk To Your AI-Integrated Search Engine.”

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