We provide competitive pricing data for Google shopping, Amazon, Walmart, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and others for you to do dynamic repricing. Precise SKU level data sets our solution apart. Merchandising managers and Pricing Analysts benefit from this solution.

This software is part of our Competitor Price Intelligence Software.

Suggested price changes based on custom rules
Update prices via API
or CSV export file
Before & after reports to measure profit impact
Measure impacts using before & after reports Discover what impact your pricing strategy is having on total gross margin. Action price changes via API or manually Bulk changes can be uploaded to marketplaces like Amazon automatically, or you may export an “upload ready” CSV.  You review our recommended price changes Login to see what price changes we think you should make, with the ability to override our decisions. You may choose to skip this step.  Recommended price changes are calculated Recommendations are based on your custom rules, which can be simple or advanced.  Updated pricing data is gathered daily. It starts with quality data. We build a database indexing your SKUs to identical competitor matches. We double-verify with AI and humans.