Retailers online uses automation to enrich 58,180 product data for holidays

Retailers online uses automation to add 58,180 product details in holidays GrowByData
How Ecommerce Retailers can gain e-commerce success using Product Data Enrichment?

Retailers must enrich their product catalog with attributes such as image, pdf, price, descriptions so that they increase their sales in big e-commerce sites.

About Schuler Shoes

Schuler Shoes, founded in 1889, is the leading destination for men, women, and kids looking for comfortable shoes and top brands. They have 240 employees and operate 10 retail locations in addition to their online presence.

GrowByData assists retailers and manufacturers to enrich their product catalog.

Schuler Shoes take advantage of Growbydata’s Retail Product Data Enrichment Services

To grow holiday sales, Schuler Shoes wanted to give customers better product information, improve Google rankings, and enhance their marketplace presence. A critical part of their strategy was to enrich product data by adding product information such as dimensions and technical specifications. In five months, GrowByData enriched Schuler Shoes’ large product catalog. These steps would have otherwise taken them several years –

  • Add product details to 100% of their ecommerce catalog (16,980 SKUs)
  • Utilize automation to dynamically enhance product SKU level details quickly
  • Dramatically improve customer experience after 58,180 product attributes were added

GrowByData assists retailers and manufacturers to enrich their product catalog by enriching product data with attributes from images, descriptions and various sites. Many retailers have been utilizing our product data enrichment services for the last 6 years to increase SEO, conversion and customer experience. Contact us and we will gladly provide information about our product data enrichment services.

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