The data revolution

As a business leader you don’t have to understand Hadoop or NoSQL databases. Or data visualization. Or predictive analytic models.

What you do need to know: this stuff is getting cheaper and more mainstream every day. It's going to change the world.

Just as the revolution in computing enabled new companies — like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google — to become global powerhouses, the data revolution will create opportunities for a new class of companies to emerge, from niche leaders to global leaders.


You need people who understand data.
And the resources to execute.

If you’re
a start-up
You need a team you can afford to build and optimize data solutions.
If you’re
an ecommerce company
You must compete with data leaders like Amazon and offer value distinct from competitors in your vertical or niche.
If you’re
a healthcare company
You must use your data to find new customers, keep patients healthy, and maintain a cash balance.
GrowByData can meet these needs - providing you with the necessary mix of people
and expertise.

Transform into a data-driven company
with the help of GrowByData.

GrowByData was founded by powerhouses in big data analytics and SaaS (software as a service) who have leveraged the power of global operations for decades. We help early to growth stage companies use data to improve margins, delight customers, and accelerate revenue growth.

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