Advertising Intelligence

Looking for an online advertising intelligence tool to improve eCommerce performance?

Improve your ad performance across channels like Google, Amazon, and Walmart with cross channel ad intelligence insights.

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What is Advertising Intelligence?

Advertising Intelligence data gives digital marketing managers, merchandise managers, and ad agencies near real-time, multi-dimensional views, at the most granular levels, into the dimensions of your and your competitor’s advertising, including ad quality, pricing, promotions, and product content. Ad intelligence enhances your digital advertising intelligence across all marketplace and direct-to-consumer platforms, including Google, Amazon, Walmart and many more.

Why Should Your Agency or Brand Use Advertising Intelligence to Improve eCommerce Performance?

Advertising Intelligence Across all Ad Formats and Marketplaces

Advertising intelligence provides visibility across all SERP ad formats and marketplaces. SERP ad formats supported include organic, competitive paid search, shopping ads, local ads, and display advertising. Similarly, marketplace advertising intelligence for Google, Amazon, Walmart, and many others includes, organic listings, sponsored display ads, editorial recommendations, and special programs like Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus. Agencies and brands get a holistic view of advertising intelligence across all ad formats and marketplaces, including display advertising intelligence.

Advertising Intelligence

Advertising Intelligence Creates New Pricing Opportunities

Advertising Intelligence

Find new pricing opportunities with advertising intelligence, while stopping competitors from getting an edge. Granular competitive ad Intelligence insights show the pricing distributions of products, or comparisons to a specific competitor. Analyze additional promotional dimensions, including sales and other offers to empower your ads.

Advertising Intelligence Creates Missed Ad Opportunities

Find new advertising opportunities with advertising intelligence that zeros in where products can be advertised across Google and Bing, and marketplaces, where competitors can be exploited, or pricing, promotions, and availability can increase sales. Compare the effectiveness and the presence of your marketplace across marketplaces, and spot new opportunities to advertise products down to the SKU level.

Advertising Intelligence

Advertising Intelligence in Real-time

Advertising Intelligence

Ad intelligence is available in real-time to give you the insight you need to take competitive action immediately. Online advertising competitive intelligence tools are also data-rich, right down to giving you access to the raw ad data that provides you with total control to take very specific action. Ad intelligence reporting is also designed to provide flexibility and the customization you need, whether through a single report or through your business intelligence tool of choice, including Google Data Studio, Tableau, or Amazon Quick Sight.

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Why Use GrowByData’s Advertising Intelligence

GrowByData provides holistic marketing intelligence to agencies, brands, and retailers to create visibility into the shopper’s journey across the digital shelf. This holistic marketing intelligence encompasses advertising intelligence that spans support of search intelligence, and all SERP ad formats, plus marketplace ad intelligence. Agencies and brands are then able to get full visibility into the effectiveness of their advertising, competitively, that includes content, pricing, promotions, ratings, reviews and many more dimensions.

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Advertising Intelligence