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Looking to understand how effective your promotions are with better use of promotional intelligence?
Get a complete view of how promotion monitoring can be used to improve total eCommerce performance.

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What is Promotional Intelligence?

Promotional Intelligence is the process of monitoring special offers and promotion strategies in the market to understand the promotional competitive landscape & its impact on your total eCommerce performance. It enables brands and retailers to adjust their promotional strategy in near real-time to stay ahead of the competition with competitive offers for your customers.

GrowByData Promotional Intelligence enables brands and retailers to increase the impact of their promotions by providing automated near real-time data and insights giving you a holistic view of the promotional activities across ad types and marketplaces. This allows you to quickly shift your promotional strategies per the market demands.

Promotional Intelligence combined with competitive advertising intelligence and price intelligence gives you unprecedented insights for improving your eCommerce Total Performance – Visibility, Click-ability, & Buy-ability.

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Real Time Promotion Monitoring

Promotional Intelligence monitors and gathers data on special offers and promotions by keywords, geo-location, seasons, purchase journey stage across search engines, marketplaces, and competitor websites. It analyzes the data and provides in-depth insights on competitors’ promotion strategies and ads that are winning the above-the-fold spaces. It helps you understand popular promotions, discount offers, and offers that are trending up so that you can leverage these types of information to maximize your ad visibility, click-ability, and buy-ability.

Promotional Intelligence provides comprehensive visibility and deeper insight into the competitive cross-channel promotional landscape like Google, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. Having a holistic view of your competitor’s promotions during major shopping events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc. is vital for improving promotional tactics and ad performance.

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Granular Promotion Analytics

Granular Promotion Analytics

Get Granular data and holistic insights on the latest promotions offered by brands and retailers in the market with Promotion Tracker. The types of promotions include but are not limited to Special Offers, Price Discounts, Sale Tags, Free Shipping, Curbside Pickup, Price Drop, Sale, BOGO (Buy One Get One), etc. See how you stack up against the competition for promotions and build your pricing and promotion strategies accordingly.

Gain Deeper Promotional Insights

View the impact of your ad quality, competitive ad share, pricing, promotional trends, promotional strategies, promotional placement, and promotional timing on the effectiveness of the promotions. Promotional Intelligence provides deeper insights into the competitive promotion landscape to help you better understand the influence and effect of various promotions on shoppers’ activities.

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Close the Promotional Loop

Promotion Intelligence from GrowByData can be extremely supportive in helping you enrich your ad visibility, optimize your promotional strategy, and give you a holistic view of your performance across marketplaces like Google, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, E-bay, etc.

Add our catalog management solution and automated promotion data feeds to make your promotion feed competitive and further enrich your product feed by placing the right promotion attributes in the correct fields. Or use our insights into competitive promotional data analysis and competitive promotion feeds to implement the promotional strategies while finding new opportunities to quickly gain a competitive edge over the competitors.

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