Why Choose GrowByData?

To win new sales, upsell additional services and retain clients, colleagues across departments need Advanced Marketing Intelligence & quality Enriched Data to gain holistic fresh insights and proactively detect trends.

Executives need cross-channel visibility across campaigns and competitors to drive holistic strategy


Merchandising needs more insight into competitor pricing strategies


Marketing wants to factor price competitiveness into bidding

marketing Person

IT needs ad, pricing, seo & channel data for our marketing solution

IT Person

We power you to gain an edge

Our technology offers you near real time visibility from multiple geographies multiple times daily day on major ad platforms like Google, and marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and others.

We provide visibility on all SERP components for desktop and mobile above the fold for coordinated SEO SEM activities.

We match your SKUs against competitor's products from marketplaces and from ecommerce sites by comparing part numbers, brand names, variants, case packs, and images. Products are matched automatically in “high-confidence” scenarios. Data Analysts manually research “moderate” or “low-confidence” scenarios. We compare products in your catalog to every competitor we find and verify the match accuracy of your Products through a combination of automated and manual data quality checks. We then monitor competitor prices.

We monitor for Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) compliance, potentially unauthorized sellers, non authorized channels, resellers with low customer reviews and potential conflict with resellers.

Our platform tracks the product's reviews and rankings that you can use to track trends and proactively detect product problems.

Our Market Intelligence is powered by our advanced data collection technology, which is built to scale. We can collect data from major ad channels, marketplaces and ecommerce platforms from multiple geographies globally, multiple times daily from desktop and mobile to offer you unprecedented visibility on seo, pricing, advertising, competitive trends and channel.

We enrich data with labels such as categories, above the fold, pricing tiers and more. With this enhanced datasets, you can do deeper analysis to uncover trends and proactively improve your advertising, seo, merchanding and channels.

We can customize insights per your specific business needs. You can load our data into your tools, or log into our SaaS product to gain the insights.

Our technology collects product catalog data and offers unified reporting on major marketing platforms like Google, Amazon, Walmart, Target and others for ad, SEO, competitor's prices and channel management 24x7.

We have a team of highly experienced managers who will guide you step by step for a hassle-free onboarding.