Competition Analysis of Adidas: Revealing Top Competitors, Pricing Strategies & Competition on Amazon

Competition Analysis of Adidas: Revealing Top Competitors, Pricing Strategies & Competition on Amazon Download PDF
Competition Analysis of Adidas on Amazon - GrowByData

Over the last 6 months, our GrowByData Price Intelligence Solution monitored Amazon retailer’s daily prices for 36,204 Adidas products. We performed a competitive analysis of Adidas and identified approximately 3,268 sellers of Adidas products in the marketplace.

Competition Analysis Of Adidas: Revealing Top Competitors, Pricing Strategies & Competition on Amazon

Figure 1 below lists the top 10 sellers that currently have the highest number of Adidas products for sale. (Seller) sells the most (61%) Adidas-brand products. It is followed by ESW Enterprises (28%). Zappos, a subsidiary of Amazon, is also on the top 10 list in the eighth position. If you sell Adidas products on Amazon, these will be your top competitors.

Figure 1 Top 10 Adidas Sellers on Amazon
top adidas sellers

Daily retail price data shows Adidas brand is highly competitive on the Amazon platform. Among the 3,268 of sellers, only 1,870 on average are competing daily with huge daily fluctuation of the sellers’ availability within this market. This also implies a high demand for the Adidas brand. Many sellers regularly enter and leave the Adidas-brand market, likely due to depleted stock. Hence, Adidas presents opportunities and threats for sellers.

Figure 2 Sellers Percentage with Daily Repricing-Growbydata

About 17% (on average) Adidas sellers are making price changes on a daily basis.

As shown in Figure 2 above, the number of sellers that are actively price competitive is also increasing. During the six-month price competition on Adidas analysis period, a total of 2,428,931 price changes were recorded. Out of the total recorded price changes, 61% prices were lowered and 38% prices were raised. This indicates price intelligence and dynamic pricing tools and strategies in action. In order to maximize revenue, sellers are analyzing competitors’ prices on a daily basis and taking every opportunity to raise prices.

Figure 3 below shows daily total price changes, and percentage of price lowered vs raised.

Sellers made 14% daily price changes on average on Adidas products.

Figure 3

adidas products price change

Figure 4 below shows the top ten sellers that have optimized their prices the most.

Accounting for 30% of total price changes, the store is the most price competitive Adidas seller.

They fluctuate prices the most – dropping price up to 31% and raising up to 28%.

Figure 4: Amazon’s Top 10 Price Competitive Sellers

Price Competitive Sellers of Adidas-Growbydata

Our data analysis clearly demonstrates how competitive Adidas products are on Amazon marketplace. Because of this competitive dynamic, price intelligence is mandatory for sellers to compete with stores like, which is equipped with Dynamic Pricing capabilities to win the sale.

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