Retailers Gain Edge With Accurate SKU Level Pricing Data

Retailers Gain Edge With Accurate SKU Level Pricing Data. GrowByData

Retailers are busy and the merchandising department may be short-staffed with 100 things to do. They need accurate data that they can work on instantaneously to get an edge and get a head start. Growbydata provides services and solutions to the retailer’s pricing strategies.

3 things that GrowByData’s pricing data can give to edge seeking retailers:

1) We give detail descriptions of the products that you sell. If you are the only seller on a top-selling product and you have information about the price you sold in the past, you can increase/decrease your price, advertise and pick up market share.

Growbydata helps retailers to gain an edge over others with accurate SKU level pricing data.

2) We tell you about the products that you compete with others which are cheap so that you can increase the price and remain the cheapest. You can massively advertise that product and win the sale.

3) We tell you about expensive products so that you can drop prices up to your floor, yet not lose any money. You can then promote that product.

Image 1 - Retailers Gain Edge With Accurate SKU Level Pricing Data

#1 is a quick-hit strategy. If you are the only seller on Amazon and marketplaces, and advertising on Google on a hot selling summer sunglass, you can advertise and win the market.
#2 and #3  are also quick to hit strategies to increase your return on ad spend by doubling down on SKUs you have an edge over the competition.

GrowByData works with 100s of retailers and manufacturers to provide price data and suggest optimal price changes.

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Prasanna Dhungel

Prasanna Dhungel is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of GrowByData and drives the firm’s content marketing initiatives. Dhungel has 20-plus years’ experience in big data. Previously, he was Vice President at Valence Health (now Evolent Health) and at D2Hawkeye (now Cotiviti Health). He has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, MEng from Princeton University and BS with Honors from Cornell University.

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