COVID-19 Marketplace Analysis: U.S. Amazon Search Terms

By GrowByData Content Team

COVID-19 Amazon Search Terms-Growbydata

This article was originally published by Digital Commerce 360 on May 6th, 2020.

This pandemic has led to a significant shift in consumer preference for online shopping. Every online retailer and manufacturer need to predict their consumer buying rituals – and what could be a better indicator than the keywords that consumers are searching for in the biggest online platform – Amazon. Amazon saw a major shift in terms of search term ranking and their conversion during this time of crisis.

One interesting take away is that competition is inevitable regardless of market fluctuations. Every business needs to fight for its portion of market share regardless of situational/environmental changes & the types of product categories.

One should deploy proper strategies to negate the impact of these situations and adopt new technologies that could help them remain competitive.

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