Train Teachers on How to Use Data – GrowByData CSR

Train Teachers on How to Use Data – GrowByData CSR
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Train Teachers on How to Use Data - GrowByData CSR. GrowByData

We at GrowByData strongly believe that education, data, and technology can transform individuals, companies, and societies. If we can spark interest amongst students about data and computers and they use these tools for good, we feel proud. That motivates us.

We got an opportunity to share our knowledge at Pragati Sikshya Sadan Secondary School. This is one of the oldest community schools in Nepal established 60 years ago. Though the school has a well-equipped computer classroom with digital learning tools, we found that the faculty did not have adequate skills to use them to teach the students. As neither the teachers nor the students were benefiting from the idle equipment, we decided to invest our time to change this.

To amplify our impact, we focused on training teachers vs students. With training the teachers, they could utilize their skills to train many students over their years of teaching. Our tactical goal is to make teachers digitally literate and familiar with computers, so generations of students would benefit.

Team members from different departments, at GrowByData, volunteered to train in this program. To date, we have trained around 15 plus faculty members and staffs of Pragati Sikshya Sadan Secondary School on basic computer courses like MS-Word, MS-Excel, and Internet Browsing.

Bindhubasini Shrestha, 59, the oldest working teacher in this school says excitedly- “At the end month of my retirement period, I am happy that I gained some knowledge on search engine and google map and I am really thankful for GrowByData for this Computer Training Program.” She has been teaching for 26 years in this school.

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Amit Thapa Magar who is an Associate Project Manager in GrowByData says- “I am privileged to be part of this CSR event. To know what you don’t know is the best and to be able to share what you know is beyond compare. For me, this event has been one of the best experiences and a perfect example that learning has no age limit. To see such active participation with so much energy is simply mind-blowing and the enthusiasm that we received was the major catalyst that motivated us to drive this event with success. Cheers and thank you for organizing and participating in this event.”

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This is part of GrowByData’s ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility Program for 2019.