How to solve Google Merchant Center errors with Product Feeds & Product Data Enrichment?

How to solve Google Merchant Center errors with Product Feeds & Product Data Enrichment?
Sagun Shrestha |

Are your products rejected from Google Merchant Center due to bad or incomplete product data?

You will find many Advertising and Marketplace feed vendors. However, the product feed software solution allows you to take your eCommerce store product data and export it to a channel. If your product data is bad or missing product attributes, the software won’t help you on google merchant center by fixing your google feed errors.

Take the example of GTIN. If you don’t have this product identifier, Google Merchant Center will disapprove or warn you. If your product image doesn’t comply with Google’s background and size criteria, Google will block your product and they can’t be advertised. These may be your top sellers so pay attention for these errors on your product feed.

If your ecommerce product data is bad or missing product attributes, product feeds software alone won’t fix that for you. You must enrich your product data.

If you have missing GTIN value or have GTIN errors, you must purchase new GTINs and assign them to your product. If others sell this product, you should find the common GTIN and assign the value. Likewise, if you lack color, size, gender, and other product attributes, you have to get it from your manufacturer and enter it on your product feed or have your analyst look at the product and enrich product data attributes like color, gender, size, etc. If your product image has the wrong background or size,  you have to fix the background and dimensions. If you have the wrong brand, you must fix that on your product data feed.

Many times we can think that changing or better using their google shopping feeds software will solve this problem. The answer is NO! Product Feed software will neither give you missing product attributes nor fix bad attributes. You must use another software to extract these attributes, or have an analyst literally measure the product dimensions and enrich the product attributes with this data. If your image is problematic, you must have an image specialist prepare your image per Google dimensions.

How to solve Google Merchant Center and Amazon Data Feed Errors?

Our combined approach is – we can enrich rich product data and publish them to ecommerce advertising and marketplace channels. If clients are happy with their current product feed providers, we can fix google shopping product data attributes errors and/or enrich product data for missing fields.

As reference, this analysis shares details on our ecommerce product data enrichment services on 58,180 Schuler Shoes SKUs to fix their Google Shopping and Amazon product errors prepare them for the holidays.